Right to human development

It can be affirmed that the right to human development in Vietnam has come a long way over the past decades.

It is not only about recognizing the basic rights of citizens, implementing policies on ethnic and religious development or concretizing political rights to run for National Assembly Deputies and People’s Councils. More profound is our Party’s awareness, determination and efforts in realizing the universal values of humanity.

Right to human development

Vietnam’s practical actions in implementing human rights are also an opportunity to strengthen its position and reputation. (Photo: vtv.vn)

Our people are increasingly actively participating in the State’s activities, enjoying the fruits of the innovation work, especially the development opportunities for each individual are wide open. The Party and State respect and protect the freedom, religion, and beliefs of the people. Vietnam’s economy is on the cutting edge, making progress, and ensuring social justice, a characteristic that demonstrates the superiority of the nature of our country’s political regime.

Vietnam always identifies people as both the goal and the motivation of its national construction. The achievements that the Vietnamese people have enjoyed in nearly 40 years of innovation in socio-economic and cultural aspects are extremely great. People’s lives are constantly being taken care of, the health care sector is increasingly progressing, and people’s life quality has been significantly improved. Regarding education and culture, the educational level and labor capacity of the Vietnamese people are different from before.

The human right to development is a long-term historical step forward for humanity. At the same time, the goal of sustainable development is the aspiration of any country and people. Vietnam is in the process of economic transformation, extensive development is gradually being replaced by in-depth development, applying science and technology, and high-quality human resources to that progress.

The goal is to help the young people of the next generation become more and more prosperous, develop comprehensively, and everyone has the opportunity to fully access resources. I think that in order to fulfill this, all State policies must comply with the maximum benefits of the people, minimizing harm to any vulnerable groups in society.

I recommend harmonizing policies, which is a vital solution for people to know their place in the country’s development process. Any setback or staying behind creates disadvantages and is an unnecessary obstacle in the human development goal.

According to General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, our country has never had the international fortune, potential, position, and reputation it has today. Our Party makes great efforts in leading economic development but also constantly searches for solutions to achieve fairness and ensure social security.

Right to human development

Vietnam always participates responsibly and actively contributes to the protection of human rights, especially women and children. (Photo: UNICEF)

In the Report marking a decade of the United Nations implementing the initiative to promote national happiness, Vietnam’s happiness index has increased by 12 places, from 77th in 2022 to 65th in 2023 on the world list.

After a cycle of rapid development in a number of countries around the world, humanity is increasingly experiencing and understanding that the trade-off of extensive development as well as how to calculate GDP to measure the international economy has revealed various limitations. The criterion of happiness index is increasingly respected, in-depth and sustainable development as well as the stability and happiness of the people are a measure of the people’s trust in the Government.

The happiness index and the right to human development are clearly interrelated. A country where people feel safe, cheerful, and happy has universal human values present. When people’s lives are improved, the quality of services is guaranteed, political rights are exercised, and civil rights are implemented, people will show high sympathy and trust towards political institutions and ruling parties. Vietnam has all such necessary and sufficient factors, hence the right to human development in our country today is increasingly deeply affirmed.

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