Quang Tri fights on IUU fishing to get removal of “yellow card” warning

WVR/VNA - From now to May, Quang Tri province is conducting a crackdown on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in common efforts of Vietnam to get removal of the “yellow card” warning issued by the European Commission (EC).
Border gates in Lang Son in full swing, particularly shipments of farm produce
Quang Tri conducts crackdown on IUU fishing to get removal of the “yellow card” warning by EC. (Source: suckhoevadoisong)

To implement the Prime Minister’s Directive 45/CT-TTg on some urgent tasks and solutions in this regard, Quang Tri will continue disseminating the 2017 Law on Fisheries and regulations related to IUU fishing among fishermen, providing training to improve the capacity of the cadres working at fishing ports and those specialised in this issue, instructing owners of fishing boasts that are 6 - 12m long to apply for fishing licences, and guiding owners of the vessels at least 15m long in the installation of vessel monitoring systems, according to the provincial steering committee for IUU fishing combat.

Authorities will keep a watch on the operations of vessel monitoring systems around the clock to early detect and prevent fishing vessels from infringing foreign waters, give guidance on how to handle incidents at sea to fishermen, and strictly deal with owners of violating vessels.

The province will also increase patrols and examines of vessels’ adherence to regulations against IUU fishing.

Over the recent past, thanks to the strong implementation of anti-IUU fishing rules, Quang Tri has no longer recorded local fishing vessels or fishermen’ infringement of foreign waters, the Steering Committee said.

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(Source: WVR/VNA)