Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s article charts vision to build strong Vietnam (Part II)

Article by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong titled "Proud and confident under the Party's glorious flag, determined to build a Vietnam more prosperous, powerful, civilised, heroic with a fine and long lasting culture" on the occasion of the 94th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). (Part II)
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s article charts vision to build strong Vietnam (Part II)
Party General Secretary’s article charts vision to build strong Vietnam: General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. (Photo: VNA)


We are proud and confident to move forward under the glorious flag of the Party in the context of numerous big difficulties and challenges in addition to opportunities and advantages in the world and domestic situations. Around the world, strategic competition, economic competition, and trade war continue to take place fiercely; disputes over sea and island sovereignty are becoming complicated; military conflicts in several regions of the world are impacting geopolitics, geo-economics, energy security and global supply chains; science-technology and the fourth Industrial Revolution are developing strongly, creating both new opportunities and challenges for all countries and peoples; climate change, natural disasters, epidemics and both traditional and non-traditional security issues have created increasingly strong and multi-faceted impacts, which can seriously threaten the stability and sustainability of the world, the region, and our country… Domestically, we are still facing a lot of difficulties and great challenges: To complete the socio-economic development goals set by the 13th National Party Congress, the average growth rate in the six years from 2024 - 2030 must reach about 8%, the processing, the manufacturing-processing and service sectors must develop more strongly, expanding by about 4.5 percentage points in contribution to economic growth, which is a very high level, requiring us to have high determination and great efforts to achieve. The financial and monetary markets, especially the real estate, stock and corporate bond markets, will develop complicatedly and pose many potential risks. The liquidity of some poor-performing commercial banks, and large enterprises and projects will face many difficulties. Bank interest rates are still high, inflationary pressure remains big. Production and business activities in some industries and fields show a declining trend; the number of businesses withdrawing from the market increases; many enterprises have to reduce workforce and working hours, or lay off workers; and the life of workers faces many difficulties. Disbursement of public investment capital has yet to meet requirements. The value of newly registered, additionally-registered foreign investment capital, and capital contribution or share purchase reduces. The growth rate of state budget revenue shows signs of decline; banks’ bad debt and tax debt tend to increase; and ensuring economic security, cyber security, social order and safety, and caring for and protecting people's health are still major issues with many difficulties and challenges that need to be overcome.

The organisation of the implementation of laws, policies, and performing public duties is still a weak link; discipline and order in many places are not strict, and there is even a phenomenon of avoiding and shifting responsibility; some will try to take good things for their own unit or themselves while passing anything that is difficult to society, to other units and other people. Meanwhile, bad, hostile and reactionary forces continue to take advantage of this situation to push the implementation of the "peaceful evolution" strategy, promote "self-evolution" and "self-transformation" among us to sabotage our Party, State and regime.

The above situation requires us absolutely to be neither subjective, complacent with the results and achievements we have gained, nor too pessimistic and worrisome in the face of difficulties and challenges. On the contrary, we should be calm and wise, well apply the results and learnt lessons, and overcome the remaining limitations and weaknesses, especially since the beginning of the Party’s 13th term, to continue promoting innovation, making more efforts, taking advantage of every opportunity and advantage; overcoming all difficulties and challenges, to successfully implement programmes, plans, goals and tasks set for the 13th term and to 2030.

Especially, it is necessary to continue to thoroughly grasp and creatively apply the lessons drawn by the 13th National Party Congress. They are, (1) The work of building and rectifying the Party and the political system must be implemented drastically, comprehensively, concertedly, regularly, and effectively in all terms of politics, ideology, ethics, and organisation and personnel. Staying consistent in, creatively applying and developing Marxism-Leninism and President Ho Chi Minh’s thought; improving the Party's leadership and governance capacity and combat strength; regularly fortifying and strengthening solidarity within the Party and the political system; strictly implementing Party building principles and regularly innovating the Party's leadership methods. Building a clean and comprehensively strong State and political system; perfecting the mechanism of strict control of power: Resolutely and persistently preventing and combating degradation, "self-evolution", and "self-transformation" internally; intensifying the fight against corruption and other negative phenomena. Personnel work must truly be “the core of core”, with focus on building a contingent of officials at all levels, especially strategic-level officials and leaders with sufficient qualities, capacity and prestige on par with their missions; promoting the responsibility of setting examples of officials and Party members in accordance with the motto that the higher position he/she holds, the more exemplary he/she must be, especially members of the Politburo, the Secretariat, and the Party Central Committee. (2) In all activities of the Party and State, we must always uphold the viewpoint that "the people are the root"; truly believe in, respect and promote the people's right to mastery; and persistently implement the motto "the people know, the people discuss, the people do, the people check, the people supervise, and the people benefit". The people are the centre and the subject of the cause of Doi Moi, national building and defence; all guidelines and policies must truly base on the life, aspirations, legitimate rights and interests of the people, and take their happiness and prosperity as the goal to strive for. Tightening the close relationship between the Party and the people, relying on the people to build the Party; and consolidating and enhancing the people's trust in the Party, the State, and the socialist regime. (3) In leadership, direction, administration, and implementation, it is necessary to have high determination, great efforts, and drastic, dynamic and creative actions; take appropriate steps, and promote all resources, drivers and superiority of the socialist regime; promptly remove bottlenecks and problems; uphold the responsibility of top leaders associated with promoting the combined strength of the entire political system; promote democracy associated with maintaining discipline; attach importance to reality review and theoretical research; well implement coordination in leadership, management and administration; attach importance to quality and practical efficiency; and create breakthroughs for development. (4) Prioritising the building of concerted development institutions, ensuring harmony between steadfastness and innovation; inheritance and development; economic innovation and political, cultural, and social innovation; adherence to market rules and ensuring of the socialist orientation; economic growth and cultural and human development, settlement of social issues, and protection of natural resources and the environment; socio-economic development and national defence and security; independence and self-reliance, and international integration; Party leadership, State management and the people's right to mastery; exercising democracy and strengthening the rule of law and social discipline. Truly attaching importance to and effectively promote the driving role of people, culture, education and training, science and technology in national development. (5) Proactively studying, grasping, making accurate forecast of situations, absolutely avoiding subjective thinking which could result in being caught off guard. Resolutely and persistently protecting national independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity in tandem with maintaining an environment of peace, stability, security and safety to develop the country. Actively and proactively promoting comprehensive and intensive international integration on the basis of firmly maintaining national independence and self-reliance. Soundly and effectively handling the relations with major powers and neighbouring countries in the spirit of being a friend and a reliable and responsible partner of all countries in the international community; making accurate evaluations on global trends and grasping opportunities. Effectively promoting the synergy of the nation’s strength and the era’s. Exploiting, effectively using all resources to meet the requirement of the national construction, development and defence in the new situation. Those lessons provide an important foundation for our Party to continue applying and developing them creatively in leadership and direction, helping us stay consistent, strong and confident to overcome new challenges and complete greater tasks as the country enters a new phase of development.

In the meantime, it is necessary to thoroughly grasp and bring into full play several lessons on renewing leadership methods and working styles, which were drawn by the mid-term meeting of the 13th Party Central Committee:

First, thoroughly understanding and strictly complying with the Party Platform, Charter and Working regulations as well as the Party’s policy and guidelines and the State’s laws and policies. Well implementing the Party’s principles on organisation and operation, especially the principles on democratic centralism, solidarity, persistently adhering to principles amidst daunting issues and new challenges. When dealing with major, complicated, urgent, sensitive and unprecedented issues that are subject to differences, democratic and candid discussions should be held to consider them in a thorough manner so as to make timely and accurate decisions that are in line with the situation.

Second, strictly following the working agenda of the entire term of the Party Central Committee, Politburo and Secretariat to build and carry out at any cost annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly working programmes in line with schedule; at the same time timely and flexibly making adjustments and supplementations to the working programmes when important, complicated and new issues emerge, so as to timely and effectively exercise leadership and give direction to all aspects in social life. New things during the 13th tenure should continue to be implemented, i. e: The Politburo and the Secretariat directed the organisation of many national conferences of key officials (in both offline and online formats) to quickly impart and instruct the implementation of the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress and resolutions of the Party Central Committee and the Politburo in all sectors, areas, localities, across both length and breadth; reaching consensus from the central to local levels, and among localities in the same regions. Key leaders hold meetings monthly or when necessary to get a comprehensive and detailed grasp on the situation; discuss and reach unanimity on the viewpoints, policies and directions on big, important and urgent issues of the Party and country; push the pace and timely remove bottlenecks to accelerate the progress and enhance the efficiency of set tasks. After each meeting, conclusion was always issued to give directions and assign the person to be responsible for each matter, which greatly helped with consistent, unanimous, timely, close and smooth leadership and administration, particularly in the context of carrying out COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control at the same time with settling complicated situations like in the past time; tackled overlapping in leadership, instruction and management; created solidarity, unified the will and actions of key leaders; and generated spillover effect to the Politburo, the Secretariat, the Party Central Committee and the whole political system.

Third, prioritising the issuance of uniform and high-quality legal documents, working regulations, procedures and processes in order to strictly and consistently implement them throughout the Party and the whole political system; renewing, improving the quality of the implementation of the Resolution of the 13th Party Central Committee; making close and smooth coordination, and engaging the whole political system with high resolve and great efforts, solidarity and unanimity of the entire Party, people and armed forces in the spirit of “superior-subordinate unanimity”, “one voice speaks, a hundred respond”, “one mind from top to bottom”, and “thorough understanding across both length and breadth”.

Fourth, the Politburo and the Secretariat as a whole, as well as each member of the Politburo and Secretariat must strictly comply with the working regulations and regime; and work following the working regulations and the working agenda of the whole tenure and the year. The contents and programmes of meetings must be prepared meticulously; the schedule of meetings must be arranged scientifically and methodologically; one meeting should handle various issues; collective intelligence must be maximised while personal responsibility must be highlighted, discussion should be conducted in a democratic, prudent and thorough fashion; the meetings’ conclusions must be put into documents quickly and timely.

The assignment and decentralisation in handling tasks between the Politburo and the Secretariat, and between the Politburo and Secretariat as a whole and the individual members who are in charge of each field, as well as the relations between the Politburo and the Secretariat on one side and Party delegations, Party civil affairs committees and Party committees under the direct control of the Party Central Committee should also be clear and specific. The Politburo and the Secretariat handle tasks within their authority, timely and fully report to the Party Central Committee on important issues before making decisions, and the tasks that the Politburo solve between the two plenums of the Party Central Committee.

Fifth, each member of the Politburo and the Secretariat should set good examples, regular cultivate, self-train and improve themselves’ revolutionary ethics; seriously conduct self-reflection, self-correction, self-criticism and criticism; adhere to discipline and order, shoulder political responsibility for the field he/she is in charge of; resolutely combat individualism and other negative phenomena; preserve internal solidarity; keep firm ideology and political viewpoint; setting example in ethics, working style and lifestyle of themselves and their families, absolutely avoiding “trying to shed light on others’ dirty feet without noticing the mud on one’s own feet”.

Building upon this foundation, the priority will be placed on the effective implementation of these following key tasks:

First, regarding economic development: It is necessary to continue boosting the understanding of and rigorously carrying out the Party's orientations, legal provisions, and State policies on rapid and sustainable development. Emphasis should be placed on strengthening and enhancing the macroeconomic foundation, controlling inflation, improving the internal capacity and autonomy of the economy on the basis of fostering a healthy economy and maintaining the stable and safe development of credit institutions as well as the monetary, real estate, stock, and corporate bond markets. Priority should be given to improving the investment and business environment; effectively addressing the current and long-term difficulties, constraints, and weaknesses of the economy to sustain the momentum of recovery and achieve more rapid and sustainable growth; creating stronger shifts in implementing strategic breakthroughs, restructuring the economy in conjunction with innovating the growth model and improving productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness of the economy. Another point is to accelerate the national digital transformation, developing a digital economy, a digital society, a green economy, and a circular economy, etc., in connection with strengthening resources management and environmental protection.

Second, regarding cultural and social development: There is an increasing need to focus on the task of fostering cultural and social development in tandem with economic growth; ensure social welfare and security; and continuously improve the material and spiritual lives of the people. It is essential to effectively implement policies to support citizens, unemployed workers, and struggling businesses. Attention should be paid to caring for revolutionary contributors and those with disadvantaged backgrounds; building new-style rural areas and civilised urban spaces in association with preserving and promoting the cultural value and essence of both settings, creating employment, and pressing ahead with sustainable poverty reduction; and prioritising the allocation of resources for programmes, projects, and policies targeting ethnic minorities and the mountainous, remote, border, and island areas. Additionally, efforts must be strengthened in disease prevention and control; enhancing healthcare quality for the people; and ensuring food safety. It is necessary to optimise the effectiveness of cultural institutions, especially in industrial zones and new urban areas, and to preserve and promote valuable cultural heritage. The building of a healthy lifestyle, preventing moral decay, and paying more attention to prevent and combat domestic violence, child abuse, and social vices are also crucial.

Third, regarding national defence, security, and foreign affairs: There is a need to further strengthening national defence and security capabilities; maintaining political stability, order, and social safety; improving the effectiveness of the work on foreign affairs and international integration. Proactively preventing and decisively combating the subversive schemes of hostile and reactionary forces is crucial, ensuring the state of not to be caught off guard in any situation. Cohesive measures must be implemented to guarantee political security, order, and social safety, in addition to the combating of crimes and social vices and the implementation of measures to ensure cybersecurity, traffic safety, and the prevention and control of fire and explosion.

The foreign diplomatic activities must be well done, particularly at the high level. There must be a proactive and vigorous approach to deepening substantive relationships with partners, while promoting multilateral diplomacy; maintaining a foreign policy of independence, autonomy, peace, cooperation, and development; maintaining the multilateralism and diversification of international relations; and actively engaging in extensive international integration, with the top priority placed on the interests of the nation and the people. Signed trade agreements must be effectively carried out, capitalising on the maximum benefits these pacts can bring about.

Fourth, regarding Party and political system building: It is necessary to further enhance and better the building and rectification of the Party and the political system, making them truly pure and strong, especially the system of legislative, executive, and judicial agencies from the central to local levels; and constructing a really pure, upright, strong, and effective government and local administrations. Specifically, there must be programmes and plans to seriously, drastically, and effectively implement resolutions and conclusions of the Party Central Committee on this matter, especially the resolution adopted at the fourth plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee and the conclusion made at the fourth plenum of the 13th Party Central Committee on stepping up the Party and political system building and rectification; resolutely preventing, pushing back, and strictly handling officials and Party members who show degradation in political ideology, morality, and lifestyle, and the phenomena of "self-evolution" and "self-transformation", along with studying and following President Ho Chi Minh ideology and his morality and style.

Improving the personnel work to select and appoint individuals who truly possess virtue, talent, integrity, and dedication, and those genuinely committed to the nation and the people to leadership positions within the State apparatus. Resolutely fighting and eliminating those who have a hand in corruption and misconducts; combating any sign of lobbying for positions and power, sectionalism and favouritism in recruiting relatives who are ineligible. Promoting democracy; and raising the sense of responsibility and setting examples, and the spirit of serving the people among officials and civil servants. Establishing mechanisms and policies that encourage and protect dynamic, creative, and accountable individuals who dare to think and to act. Tightening disciplines; regularly inspecting, urging, and creating significant changes in the performance of duties; enhancing ethics, culture, and professionalism of officials and civil servants. Persistently and resolutely fighting corruption and other negative phenomena while simultaneously promoting the building and perfection of laws, mechanisms, and policies to make corruption "impossible, unthinkable, and undesired".

Fifth, for the preparation of all-level Party congresses, towards the 14th National Party Congress, sub-committees in charge of the preparation must quickly and seriously act and coordinate with central committees, ministries, and agencies, as well as all-level Party committees and local authorities to review theoretical and practical issues over the 40 years of reform, with a focus on the last decade; prepare quality draft documents for all-level Party congresses, give feedback to draft documents for the 14th National Party Congress; and improve the all-level personnel planning and work, especially the personnel for the 14th Party Central Committee, the Politburo, and the Secretariat for 2026-2031; and well prepare for and organise all-level Party congresses for 2025-2030, towards the 14th National Party Congress.

With his pride and confidence in the glorious Party over the 30 years since its establishment, our renowned revolutionary poet To Huu penned an immortal work titled "30 nam doi ta co Dang" (30 Years of Our Life with the Party), in which he wrote:

"Our Party there, with hundreds of hands and thousands of eyes

Our Party here, forged of iron, and bronze

Our Party, embracing myriad workers and farmers

Our Party, united in a single heart of unwavering faith."

The people’s pride and confidence in the Party have been nurtured and improved gradually, and growing throughout the glorious revolutionary course of the Party since 1930, with achievements which the entire of our Party, people, and army, under the sound leadership of the Party, have tirelessly strived for in the revolutionary struggle to gain power; resistance wars and national construction; socialism building in the North; the struggle for the liberation of the South, national reunification; overcoming war consequences, safeguarding the territorial integrity of the Motherland, and gradually progressing to socialism; and in the cause of reform and national construction, making the country more prosperous and beautiful; expanding foreign relations, actively and proactively engaging in comprehensive, intensive, and extensive international integration; and helping our country have such a fortune, potential, and international position as it is today.

Continuing marching on the glorious path under the Party flag, and building and defending our very beloved socialist Vietnam, making it more prosperous and beautiful, our Party, our country, and our nation will continue to turn to 2030 that marks the centenary of the Party, with the goal of transforming our country into one with a modern industry and upper middle income, and to 2045 that marks the centenary of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: striving to turn our country into a developed, high-income country, building our Vietnam “more prosperous, powerful, civilised, and happy", firmly progressing to socialism.

Proud of the glorious Party, great Uncle Ho, and the heroic Vietnamese people; and confident in the sound leadership of the genuine revolutionary Party and the strength of the great solidarity of the civilised and heroic Vietnamese nation, the entire of our Party, people, and army are determined to build a Vietnam more prosperous, powerful, civilised, and heroic in the direction to socialism.

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Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s article charts vision to build strong Vietnam (Part I)
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