Norwegian companies participate in GEFE 2022 to support Vietnam's green growth efforts

WVR - Within the framework of the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition 2022 (GEFE 2022), 11 Norwegian companies get together in one Norwegian Pavilion from November 28 to 30, 2022.
11 Norwegian companies participate in GEFE 2022 to support Vietnam in its green growth efforts
Norwegian Pavilion at GEFE 2022. (Source: Norwegian Embassy in Vietnam)

Within the framework of the GEFE 2022 hosted by the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, 11 Norwegian companies (Equinor, Norsk Solar, Scatec, Empower, TerraMarine, Tomra, Jotun, Vard, Yara, Emarasia, và Visco) get together in one Norwegian Pavilion to present a wealth of expertise, technologies and solutions to help promote a sustainable green economy in Vietnam across a spectrum of areas from renewable energy to circular economy including effective plastic waste management, green manufacturing, green shipping, smart aquaculture, and consultancy and supporting services.

The Norwegian pavilion highlights the presence of Norwegian Deputy Chief of Mission, Mrs. Mette Møglestue; Regional Director Asia & Middle East at Innovation Norway, Mr Ole Henæs, and Director of Innovation Norway in Hanoi, Commercial Counsellor Mr Arne-Kjetil Lian, who, together with the representatives from 11 Norwegian companies, stand and greet the Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and all the VIP guests/visitors on the first day of GEFE 2022.

Norwegian Deputy Chief of Mission Mette Møglestue said: “We commend the creative initiative of Euro Cham to organize GEFE2022. As a part of Europe, we are happy to be part of this. Green growth has become dispensable in today’s world. To reach that target, it is impossible not to involve businesses, industries, and social partners, for they play a crucial role in the just transition towards a renewable, circular, and sustainable future.

Together with 11 Norwegian companies in the Pavilion, the Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway in Hanoi want to show our readiness and interest to support the Government of Vietnam in its green growth efforts as well as implementation of the net-zero target by 2050 that Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chinh announced at COP26 Glasgow in 2021 and confirmed in the updated National Determined Contributions (NDCs) submitted at COP27 in Cairo.

“The Public Private Partnership (PPP) has been proven an effective solution for governments all over the globe to mobile resources and participation from all stakeholders for policy development and implementation including those on green economy,” she added.

11 Norwegian companies participate in GEFE 2022 to support Vietnam in its green growth efforts
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visits the Norwegian Pavilion. (Source: Norwegian Embassy in Vietnam)

For his part, Commercial Counsellor, Director of Innovation Norway Vietnam, Arne-Kjetil Lian, said: “Through their advanced technologies, smart solutions, and circular and sustainable business models, the private sector will contribute and help reduce CO2 emissions and promote green production and consumption practices".

Majority of the Norwegian companies present in the Norwegian Pavilion today have been active in Vietnam, while others exploring opportunities for investment and doing business here.

"Our Norwegian companies have brought to GEFE 2022 their top-notch technologies, smart solutions, new initiatives, and extensive experience to help develop renewable energy, reduce Co2 emissions, and promote a circular economy and a sustainable value chain. They all share a strong interest and good will to work with local authorities and business partners in various industries to push this agenda forward. Innovation Norway in Hanoi is ready to do our part as a bridge to connect Norwegian and Vietnamese companies together”, he added.

Meanwhile, Regional Director for Asia, Innovation Norway, Mr Ole Henæs, stated: “It is interesting to observe a shift across economies in the region towards a more sustainable and greener economy".

According to Mr Ole Henæs, Vietnam has seen the fastest growth in Southeast Asia for the last two years and thus has a good momentum to progress. Green economy offers abundant opportunities for countries in the region including Vietnam to attract greener capital influx and to intensify business cooperation across the region. Vietnam needs to take comprehensive actions to implement its green agenda, particularly in the context of the country’s ambitious environmental commitments under the Paris Agreement and at COP 26, and recently strengthened at COP27 in Cairo.

"The private sector plays a significant role in this process. I am here today to reaffirm the willingness of Innovation Norway and the Norwegian business community not only in Vietnam but in the region to join hands and efforts in making the regional economy greener and realising a low-emission regional society target”, he said.

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