Italian Cuisine Week: Friendly, hospitable and healthy

WVR - In the spirit of the global Italian Cuisine Week, the Italian Embassy in Vietnam introduces the 8th Italian Cuisine Week from November 13 to 19.
Italian Cuisine Week: Friendly, hospitable and healthy
This year’s Italian Cuisine Week theme is “Dining with Italian Cuisine: Health with taste”. (Photo: Tuan Viet)

Launched in 2016, the Italian Cuisine Week is a yearly initiative involving the whole network of Italian diplomatic missions and aimed at promoting the culinary culture which is at the core of the Mediterranean diet and so central to Italy’s identity and lifestyle.

The theme of this year’s edition is “Dining with Italian Cuisine: Health with taste”, and intends to raise the attention on Italian products and their connection with conviviality, hospitality and healthiness. During the Week, several events will take place in Hanoi to promote the quality of Italian culinary culture.

Italian Cuisine Week: Friendly, hospitable and healthy
Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Marco Della Seta delivers a speech at the event. (Photo: Tuan Viet)

Speaking at the event, Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Marco Della Seta affirmed that food is important to everyone and every country. Each country takes pride in its culinary tradition, like Vietnam with “phở” (pho) or “nem” (spring rolls), and Italy with pizza, pasta, etc. These dishes have become familiar everywhere in the world.

According to Ambassador Marco Della Seta, the Italian Cuisine Week, which has been organized for 8 years, with more than 9,500 events in 100 countries, will be an opportunity to introduce to international friends the origin and characteristics of traditional dishes, conveying a message about wellness and a healthy diet. In addition, Italy has officially nominated the nation's food in the running to become a UNESCO-listed Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Within the framework of the Italian Cuisine Week, there will be a seminar and food experience event with the theme ‘Decoding the never-mentioned effects of fermented foods in daily life’, the exhibitions of ‘Taste! The Italians and food 1970-2050’ and Taste of Italy, and the Casa Italia Wine Festival.

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Translated by Thu Hang