Inauguration of Bo De Pagoda - symbol of Laos, Vietnam solidarity

The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) on November 12 coordinated with the Lao Buddhist Coalition to hold the inauguration ceremony of phase one of the upgrade of Bo De Pagoda, a Vietnamese pagoda in the central Lao province of Khammouane.
Lễ khánh thành chùa Bồ Đề tại tỉnh Khammoune, Lào. (Nguồn: TTXVN)

Delegates cut the ribbon to inaugurate the first phase of the upgrade of Bo De Pagoda in Laos. (Photo: VNA)

Attending the event were representatives of the Buddhist Fellowship Organization, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, the Lao Front for National Development, VBS's Coordinating Committee in Laos, Consulate General of Vietnam in Savannakhet, Khammuane province, Lao Ministry of Home Affairs and a large number of Vietnamese Buddhists residing and working in Laos, France and Vietnam.

The inauguration ceremony was carried out in accordance with the religious rituals of Vietnamese and Lao Buddhism. Venerable monks of the two countries' Buddhist Sanghas emphasized the role of Buddhism in cultural and religious life of the people of Laos and Vietnam.

Buddhist dignitaries of the two countries also highlighted the significance of Bo De Pagoda as one of the first Vietnamese pagodas in Laos given the importance of Buddhism in the cultural and religious life of Lao and Vietnamese people.

They expressed the hope that the Bo De pagoda will help strengthen solidarity and community bonds not only in the Vietnamese community in Laos but also between the two countries.

Addressing the event, Lao Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nisith Keopanya said the Vietnamese Buddhist followers and Vietnamese pagodas in Laos have made great contributions to Lao society through charitable activities to help the disadvantaged in the country. The Lao government and people highly value the contributions, he said.

The upgrade was funded by donations from Buddhist followers in Vietnam and Vietnamese Buddhist followers in Laos and Europe.

In the coming time, the Bo De Pagoda will continue to call for the generosity of Buddhists and sponsors to make the pagoda a common house of Vietnamese community in Khammuane province in particular and Laos in general.

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