Good impressions of Vietnamese student on Laos, the country of Million Elephants

WVR - Although I have not studied and lived in Laos for a good amount of time, the country of Million Elephants has left on me, especially as an international Vietnamese student, with many great impressions and memories.
Good impressions of Vietnamese student on Laos, the country of Million Elephants
International student Nguyen Duc Long at the Plain of Jars (Chum), Xieng Khouang province, Laos. (Photo: WVR/Courtersy)

The beauty of the land of Buddha

Laos is a country with a long-standing culture with unique customs and festivals. In Laos, it is not difficult to see ancient pagodas with typical Theravada Buddhism architecture. Many famous beautiful pagodas have become symbols of Laos such as That Luang pagoda in Vientiane, Wat Xiengthong in Luang Prabang province or Watphou in Champasak province.

Lao people mostly revere Buddhism and respect monks. They have the custom to attend retreats to repay the merits of parents giving birth.

Laos is also a country with many special festivals such as the traditional Boun Pimay festival in April, the Ascension Fireworks festival, the boat racing festival, the Lenten festival.

The unique and new-fangled cultural features of the country of Million Elephants have made me eager to discover them as soon as I come here to study.

Slow lifestyle

Lao people from all levels of society are honest, sincere, generous and carefree. They have a slow lifestyle, no hustle, no fighting.

Lao people are also very refrained from raising their voices, having conflicts or quarrels with each other. When there are small disagreements in life, Lao people are often tolerant, forgiving each other or solving it by conciliation, self-agreement, not making complication of small disputed issues. Therefore, the life of Lao people is always happy, peaceful, united and harmonious with one other.


Another special impression about the country of Million Elephants is the affection that the Lao people have for Vietnam. Often when referring to the two words "Vietnam", Lao people usually add the word "brother" as an affirmation of the special affection that each Laotian has for Vietnam.

Lao people, especially the older generation, know and appreciate the sincere, impartial and wholehearted help of Vietnam for Laos during the war for national liberation as well as the building and developing the country today.

For the Vietnamese living here, the Lao people always give a lot of love, wholeheartedly support and help them when facing difficulties.

Teacher and student bond attachment

During my time studying and living in Laos, a deep memory for me is the concern of Lao teachers holding for Vietnamese students during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Laos, in 2021.

Good impressions of Vietnamese student on Laos, the country of Million Elephants

International Vietnamese students congratulated teachers in Laos on the occasion of the Teacher’s Day, November 20.

In order to implement the social distancing measures, issued by the Lao Government to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnamese students must stay in the dormitory and not go out. This condition had caused a lot of difficulties for students’ lives, especially in getting food and daily necessities.

During that difficult period, Lao teachers often went to the dormitory to support and help Vietnamese students with essential foods and necessities to reduce their difficulties in daily life, so that Vietnamese students can study with peace of mind.

Maybe, many people don't know, but teachers' salaries in Laos are very low, making it difficult to cover living expenses. However, Lao teachers still share a part of that meager salary to support and help Vietnamese students in difficult times.

That memory made us touched and deeply felt the spirit of mutual affection "rice grain bit in half, vegetable stalk broken in half" between Laos and Vietnam.

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(Translated by Thai Nguyen)