FUNiX to build 'virtual school' in the Metaverse

FUNiX Online Education has just signed a partnership agreement with [email protected] - a Singaporean technology company, to launch a Metaverse project. The project will build a virtual school in the Metaverse, providing students with strong relational and immersive experience.
FUNiX to build 'virtual school' in the Metaverse

FUNiX signed a partnership agreement with [email protected] to launch a Metaverse school, engaging students in a new way. (Photo: FUNiX)

The project aims to create a complete virtual, 3D school, enabling students to interact with each other, with mentors and virtual objects in an immersive environment. “We want to provide users with a variety of engaging and diverse experiences in the virtual space, to foster bonds better than even in real-life classes. There are many educational institutions interested in this technology, but their determination for real-life application is not as strong as FUNiX, a fully online school,” CEO [email protected] Luke Liu said.

As an online school, FUNiX is always a pioneer in applying new technologies. FUNiX is the first school in Vietnam to provide ChatGPT premium accounts for all students, and to host a ChatGPT Hackathon to encourage students to take advantage of AI tools in their learning.

Most recently, FUNiX also equipped students with an AI audio filter for optimal digital learning experiences. Building a Metaverse school is expected to promote cross-platform creativity for FUNiX students, according to CEO FUNiX Le Minh Duc.

FUNiX to build 'virtual school' in the Metaverse

The demo version of FUNiX’s Metaverse school. (Photo: FUNiX)

"FUNiX is always looking for new ways, new technologies to provide our students with better experiences. We believe [email protected] has the technological strength to be our partner in this new endeavor,” she said.

Representing DTS Group, an investor of [email protected] and a partner of FUNiX, Chairman Truong Gia Bao expressed belief that the project would actualize an online school’s dream by building a virtual campus for FUNiX’s over 20,000 students. In the future, FUNiX will be able to move to Metaverse all current learning activities, such as: Welcome Ceremony, Commencement Ceremony, Job Fair, etc.

After an open discussion, the two companies signed a partnership agreement, according to which [email protected] will build a virtual school for FUNiX in the form of: Using avatars for demo, with integrated basic user interface.

FUNiX to build 'virtual school' in the Metaverse

FUNiX is [email protected]’s first partner in Vietnam with a long-term Metaverse project. (Photo: FUNiX)

At the signing ceremony, CEO [email protected] expressed appreciation for the partnership with FUNiX. “This is a key project of our Company, the first step to lay a foundation in Vietnam, then expand to the Southeast Asian market, in order to build a "virtual universe" in different sectors in the coming years,” Liu said.

Metaverse is a concept of a virtual universe built based on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) technology, multi-dimensional graphics, AI, algorithm system, software and hardware to create a special social platform. Metaverse allows users to take advantage of an internet connection and interact in the virtual world in the most realistic way.

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(Source: FUNiX)

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