European Overseas Vietnamese Business Conference: Promoting Vietnam National Brand Program and products

WVR - The representative of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, under Ministry of Industry and Trade, wishes that the Vietnamese businesses in Europe will continue to coordinate trade connectivity to assist domestic businesses in speedily joining the distribution system in this continent.
European Overseas Vietnamese Business Conference: Promoting Vietnam National Brand Program and products
12th European Overseas Vietnamese Business Conference in Budapest, Hungary: Promoting Vietnam National Brand Program, its products. (Photo: CT)

On September 30th, the 12th European Overseas Vietnamese Business Conference featured an event focused on promoting the Vietnam National Brand Program (NBP) and its accredited products.

In line with the objectives and plans for 2023, the Secretariat of the Vietnam NBP – Trade Promotion Agency, in collaboration with the Union of Vietnamese Business Associations in Europe, the Vietnamese Business Association in Hungary, and other relevant agencies, organized this event to publicize and promote the Vietnam NBP and products on September 30th at the 12th European Overseas Vietnamese Business Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

The Conference was attended by over 350 delegates, including leaders from various ministries, business associations, the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency, Vietnamese businesses from 19 European countries, the Vietnamese Embassy and Trade Offices in Hungary and several other European countries.

This Conference is an annual activity of the Union of Vietnamese Business Associations in Europe (a social organization for Vietnamese businessmen living and working in European countries) and is held alternately in member countries. This is a significant gathering for the Vietnamese business community in Europe, attracting attention and participation from many large domestic and international businesses. It also serves as a meeting place for networking and exchanging market experiences for Vietnamese businesses operating in various regions around the world.

At the Conference, a video was showcased about the 20-year journey of formation and development of Vietnam NBP, highlighting the achievements of Vietnam's national brand value and its businesses.

Furthermore, within the framework of this Conference, the Trade Promotion Agency organized an exhibition area (about 100 m2) featuring goods and communication products including printed and electronic publications, flyers, brochures, and standees to introduce the Vietnam NBP and its accredited products. This was combined with direct business interactions between NBP enterprises and Vietnamese businesses in Europe, as well as foreign enterprises/importers.

During his speech, Mr. Le Hong Minh, Director of the Investment Promotion Center for the development of industry and trade (Trade Promotion Agency - Ministry of Industry and Trade), emphasized that the Party and the State of Vietnam always hold in high regard the role of the overseas Vietnamese business community, providing guidance and directives to ministries and governmental departments to implement activities that strengthen the bond between overseas Vietnamese and their homeland. These efforts are instrumental in harnessing the collective strength of national unity, thereby contributing to the nation-building and developmental endeavors of Viet Nam.

Following the Conclusion 12-KL/TW of August 12th, 2021, by the Political Bureau on overseas Vietnamese affairs in the new situation and the Government Resolution 169-NQ/CP of December 31st, 2021 on continuing to promote overseas Vietnamese affairs for the 2021 – 2026 period, the Ministry of Industry and Trade assigned the Trade Promotion Agency, in coordination with the Union of Vietnamese Business Associations in Europe, to intensify trade promotion activities, strengthen connections with the business community, create the momentum for export growth, and contribute to socio-economic development.

Quảng bá sản phẩm Thương hiệu Quốc gia Việt Nam tại Diễn đàn. (Nguồn: CT)
Promotion of Vietnam National Brand products at the Conference. (Photo: CT)

Recently, with the active support of the Vietnamese business community in Europe, trade promotion activities have achieved positive results and increasingly affirmed their important role. This contributes significantly to the growth and expansion of the export market, building the brand and image of Vietnam, especially Vietnamese agricultural products in the European market and around the world.

Through the distribution system of overseas Vietnamese businesses, high-quality products from Vietnam are not only utilized by the Vietnamese community but also swiftly reach local consumers. This approach is the most direct method for promoting Vietnamese quality products, leading to significant trade promotion success.

In the context of global economic integration, strengthening cooperation and intensifying trade promotion activities are both necessary and indispensable. The Vietnamese business delegation participating in this Conference includes over 29 companies from various sectors such as agriculture, food, textiles, and pharmaceuticals. The aim is to facilitate meetings and discussions with overseas Vietnamese businesses regarding potential collaborations and business opportunities.

The Trade Promotion Agency representative expresses a desire for continued collaboration and business connectivity with Vietnamese enterprises in Europe to assist domestic companies in quickly integrating into the European distribution system, as well as enabling access to advanced technologies to modernize production lines, enhance product quality, and contribute to the industrialization and modernization of the country.

Furthermore, to promote and publicize the Vietnam NBP, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has delegated the Trade Promotion Agency to lead and coordinate with relevant domestic and international units in the organization of trade promotion activities that also showcase the image of Vietnam. This occasion marks the first time that promotional and introductory activities for the Vietnam NBP and its accredited products have been conducted in Europe. These activities, which took place at this Conference and through other trade promotion activities, aim to spread awareness among the Vietnamese community and consumers in the European region about the quality and prestige of Vietnamese national brand products.

The execution of these promotional and publicity activities for the NBP and products at the 12th European Overseas Vietnamese Business Conference not only brings the brands of Vietnam's reputable and high-quality products closer to the Vietnamese community in Europe, but also serves as an opportunity for European businesses, especially those in Hungary, to gather market information and marketing insights, as well as a platform for international enterprises to explore investment opportunities in the Vietnamese market.

The Vietnam National Brand Program (NBP) is a unique and long-term trade promotion initiative of the Vietnamese Government, endorsed by the Prime Minister since 2003. Entrusted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade as the leading agency, this program is executed in collaboration with various ministries, local authorities, industry associations, and business enterprises, with the primary objective to develop National Brand by supporting businesses in creating and developing strong brand in the economy. Accordingly, this will promote the image of Vietnam as a nation known for high-quality goods and services, establishing credibility, and enhancing the competitive edge of Vietnamese enterprises both domestically and internationally.

In order to introduce and promote the Vietnam NBP and its accredited products and services to the community, consumers, investors and international trade partners, from 2021 onwards, the Secretariat of the Vietnam NBP – Trade Promotion Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade, has been collaborating with Vietnamese Embassies, Representative Missions and Trade Offices abroad. Together, these agencies have launched numerous communication and promotional activities about the NBP and products at major events and through international media channels. These activities include: “The Vietnam National Brands Week 2021 in Singapore – Hybrid Expo on Halal and Processed Food Products”; Culture week in the Netherlands; Vietnamese Products Week in Asian and Dutch supermarkets; publications on Diplomat Magazine, as well as websites of various Dutch institutions and organizations…

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