'Dragon on Hat' fever: A new wave stirring the Vietnamese youth community

Renowned manga artist Akira Ito, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! R and Cardfight!! Vanguard, has caused a sensation within the Vietnamese youth community with his new collection titled Dragon on Hat. Drawing inspiration from Vietnamese culture, this unique collection has sparked a genuine craze, capturing the attention and passion of the younger generation.
'Dragon on Hat' fever: A new wave stirring the Vietnamese youth community
Wedge Holdings CEO, Mr. Tatsuya Konoshita, and artist Akira Ito introducing the new 'Dragon on Hat' character collection. (Photo: Wedge Holdings)

The new project Dragon on Hat is an intriguing new phenomenon in Vietnam. Created by legendary artist Akira Ito, this work offers a fresh perspective on Vietnamese culture through the lens of manga enthusiasts. The story revolves around the adventures of Princess Hoa and the white dragon Yapan as they endeavor to restore a kingdom that has been destroyed. Drawing from Vietnamese customs and traditions, Akira Ito has crafted a vivid and captivating fantasy world.

Showa Brain Navi Vietnam, the official distributor of Dragon on Hat, recently organized an impressive launch event at the 9th Vietnam - Japan Festival. The booth was adorned with stylishly stylized dragon images, bearing the distinctive mark of the collection, attracting a large crowd of enthusiastic young attendees eager to explore this new and unique collection.

The Dragon on Hat collection is the creative culmination of manga artist legend Akira Ito, the "father" of Yu-Gi-Oh! R and Cardfight!! Vanguard. Drawing inspiration from Vietnamese culture, the collection features strikingly stylized dragon images on products such as posters, keychains, notebooks, and pens.

The unique combination of Akira Ito's artistic talent and Vietnamese culture has resulted in a distinctive artistic product, imbued with the essence of Vietnam.

Artist Akira Ito shares: "I am deeply impressed by Vietnamese culture, especially the image of dragons. I want to bring this imagery to the young people of Vietnam through the Dragon on Hat collection. I hope that they will love and take pride in their country's culture".

Immediately upon its release, Dragon on Hat quickly created a frenzy within the Vietnamese youth community. Young people eagerly seek out these unique products to express their individuality, their passion for manga, and their love for Vietnamese culture.

'Dragon on Hat' fever: A new wave stirring the Vietnamese youth community
Young readers excitedly receiving posters of Hoa & Yapan - the main characters of 'Dragon on Hat'. (Photo: Wedge Holdings)

The Dragon on Hat collection swiftly became a hot topic on social media platforms. Young people share images of the products, expressing their impressions and pride in Vietnamese culture.

Nguyen Phuong Nam, a young participant from Saigon attending the Vietnam - Japan Festival, shares: "I am very impressed with the Dragon on Hat collection. The designs are beautiful and unique, reflecting the spirit of Vietnam. I have long admired Akira Ito and was thrilled to meet the artist and experience the collection of games and products of Dragon on Hat".

The Dragon on Hat craze promises to continue spreading, affirming the influence of manga and Vietnamese culture among the youth.

Tatsuya Konoshita, CEO of Wedge Holdings, the investor behind the Dragon on Hat project, shares: "We are delighted that Dragon on Hat has received such a warm reception from the Vietnamese youth. This is evidence of the influence of manga and Vietnamese culture. We will continue to invest in cultural cooperation projects between Vietnam and Japan to bring valuable manga products to young people".

As part of the 9th Vietnam - Japan Festival held in Ho Chi Minh City, Wedge Holdings (Japan) and their distribution partner in Vietnam, Showa Brain Navi Vietnam Co., Ltd., (SBNV) introduced new licensed character products to Vietnamese fans, including Haikyu!!, Bleach, and Dragon on Hat.

Notably, Wedge Holdings and Showa Brain Navi Vietnam organized the VIETNAM TCG MATSURI card game festival - the largest TCG event ever in Vietnam. With the participation of large TCG communities and groups, this event provided the opportunity to experience world-famous games like Pokemon Card Game and Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG, as well as to participate in tournaments and receive valuable rewards.

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