Dong Thap commemorates 45th anniversary of southwest border defence victory

WVR/VNA - On January 5, a ceremony took place in the southern province of Dong Thap to mark the 45th anniversary of the southwest border defence war victory and the Vietnamese volunteer soldiers' assistance to Cambodia in overthrowing the Pol Pol genocidal regime (January 7).
Dong Thap commemorates 45th anniversary of southwest border defence victory
A music performance at the ceremony (Source:: VNA)

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the Dong Thap provincial Union of Friendship Organisations Le Xuan Hai recalled the hostile policy enforced by the Pol Pot regime against Vietnam on April 30, 1977.

He said in response to the appeal from the Kampuchea United Front for National Salvation, a united front comprising Vietnamese and Cambodian armies and people made a resounding victory on January 7, 1979, completely eliminating the genocidal dictatorship of Pol Pot. This monumental victory ushered in a new era for both Vietnam and Cambodia.

From 1979-1989, tens of thousands of volunteer officers, soldiers and experts from Vietnam and Dong Thap province in particular, joined the battlefields of Cambodia, driven by a noble international cause and the pursuit of national independence and freedom.

Bordering the Cambodian province of Prey Veng province, Dong Thap always attaches importance to nurturing friendly neighborliness and fine cooperation with the neighbouring country, Hai stressed.

Cambodian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City Chan Sorykan extended thanks to the Vietnamese Government and people, with special recognition for their timely support for the Cambodian army and people in overthrowing the Pol Pot genocidal regime, marking the beginning of an era of peace and prosperity for Cambodia.

The victory on January 7, 1979 was a significant historical event for Cambodia, he affirmed.

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(Source: WVR/VNA)