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Dang Huynh Uc My - Commandress in Vietnam’s Agriculture Industry

Working in the finance sector, then in the agricultural industry, especially pioneering in opening up smart agriculture - precision farming, making high economic efficiency by strengthening import and export activities of Vietnam's finished agricultual products, Ms. Dang Huynh Uc My (Omi Dang) - Vice Chairlady of Thanh Thanh Cong - Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company (TTC AgriS, Hose: SBT), Chairlady of Ben Tre Import-Export Joint Stock Company (Betrimex), is known as the golden lady of Vietnam's agriculture industry, one of the pioneering female leaders in raising the level of national smart agriculture, inspiring the spirit of female entrepreneurship in Vietnam to conquer global market confidently.
Đặng Huỳnh Ức My - Nữ tướng ngành Nông nghiệp Việt
Representing the generation of outstandingly talented young female leaders of the modern intelligent agriculture industry, Ms. Uc My has positively contributed to the national economy by conquering international-level scientific and commercial playgrounds.

Pioneering in integration and cooperation

Representing the young generation of female leaders - a pioneer in the digital transformation in agriculture in Vietnam, it can be seen that you always spread the "leading mission" to your business and staff. Can you share more about this vision?

When the world faces countless unprecedented changes, "Green economy, circular economy, sustainable development" is no longer a trend but an urgent global problem. TTC AgriS is consistent with the sustainable agricultural development strategy, determining digital transformation to take the lead on modern national agriculture, eliminating the mindset of outdated agriculture and pure production, and affirming TTC AgriS's position for more than five decades.

TTC AgriS also determines that optimizing the value chain is a sustainable path for agriculture. TTC AgriS constantly promotes the business philosophy of Solution - Sustainability - Smart in the pioneering journey to strengthen the position of Vietnamese agriculture 4.0 in the international arena. Successfully transforming the integrated smart agricultural economic model encompassing Production, Import-Export, and Agricultural Trade Services, focusing on outstanding R&D activities, TTC AgriS is proud to be one of the Vietnamese pioneers to become a "Provider of high-tech agricultural solutions on a sustainable development platform," participating in the global nutritional food and beverage supply chain, providing consumers with the best quality healthy products at reasonable prices, contributing to enhancing the value of the agricultural industry and ensuring global food security.

The TTC AgriS brand has drawn the attention of leading financial institutions thanks to proactively standardizing corporate governance activities to meet international standards and practices and similarities in orientation for sustainable agricultural development in developing countries. Typically, within just one month in 2023, TTC AgriS continuously attracted foreign capital up to more than 140 million USD from large international financial institutions such as IFC, SMBC, FCB Bank, and the Group of major financial institutions. At the same time, it opens up new international cooperation opportunities, bilaterally supporting agricultural research and development 4.0 with leading industry organizations (Queensland State Government, Australia, Farmacist, DEG - Investment fund of the German Government...).

Đặng Huỳnh Ức My - Nữ tướng ngành Nông nghiệp Việt
Ms. Uc My shared about the potential for comprehensive cooperation in sustainable modern agricultural development between Vietnam and Australia at Australia - Vietnam Investment Forum on April 17, 2023

To lead your business to master the internationalization trend, you set very high goals for international cooperation, technology exchange and innovative research?

TTC AgriS is a multinational-scale, high-tech agricultural enterprise, so we always make full use of every opportunity to complete the mission of strengthening the position of Vietnamese Agriculture 4.0 in the international arena. In the strategy to develop a sustainable agricultural economy for 2021-2025, we focus on continuously achieving positive progress in exchange and cooperation to develop smart agriculture with Australia. Specifically, with the companionship of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Queensland State Government, Australia, to create high-tech agricultural solutions using biomass and biofuel materials, train high-quality personnel, and promote farm extension and agronomic consulting. At the same time, we aim to expand Australia's raw material area to 20,000 hectares, applying digital farming technology through the FRM (Farmer Relationship Management) management platform.

Fortunately, my mother always stood by me. She is my "special companion" in strengthening cooperation to promote sustainable, innovative agricultural value chains with Australia. With more than 40 years of experience in the farming industry, she helped me lay the foundation for TTC AgriS from the early days, with a shared vision of affirming the position of a sustainable agricultural brand on a global scale. Recently, at the Australian Investment Forum in August 2023, we also represented multinational enterprises leading the circular trend in the agricultural value chain in Vietnam, coordinating to share with Austrade, Vietnam Foreign Investment Agency (FIA - under the Ministry of Planning and Investment). TTC AgriS commented on new opportunities and challenges in trade and investment between the two countries, especially in high-tech agriculture. We know the role and responsibility of contributing value to the community from the activities of businesses with a pioneering mission. TTC AgriS is committed to maintaining sustainable development and effectively implementing the Coral Project within the strategic cooperation agreement for sustainable agricultural development with the Queensland State Government from 2022 to add benefits for partners joining the global commodity trade value chain with us.

Đặng Huỳnh Ức My - Nữ tướng ngành Nông nghiệp Việt
TTC AgriS Chairlady Huynh Bich Ngoc (left) and her daughter Dang Huynh Uc My - TTC AgriS Vice Chairlady (right): Two generations of pioneering female leaders in innovation of modern national agriculture.

At the Australian Investment Forum in April 2023, we also pointed out Australia's advantages as the best destination for sustainable agricultural raw materials to diversify TTC AgriS's global supply sources, responding to the dynamic and constantly shifting consumer market here every year. I see a lot of potential in sustainable, innovative agricultural value chains and important trade and investment opportunities between the two countries in the next few decades, especially in the context that Vietnam is significantly impacted by climate change and is expected to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

According to the report "Invested: Australia's Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040," prepared by Nicholas Moore AO for the Australian Government, Southeast Asia is predicted to become the world's fourth-largest economy by 2040, with nominal GDP of about 3.6 trillion USD in 2022 and estimated annual growth rate of 4% until 2040. Promising potential opportunities, especially demand for higher value products and services, especially in health care, education, financial technology, and high-end food,... As well as opening up to attract investment through abundant support from free trade agreements and economic cooperation to strengthen trade relations.

Recently, TTC AgriS was honored to participate in the CEO Forum within the framework of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2024 at the time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ASEAN-Australia diplomatic ties, demonstrating the business community's commitments to take advantage of opportunities from Southeast Asia's strong growth, to increase trade and investment to leverage growth potential to support mutual interests, aiming to ensure long-term prosperity and security for all two areas.

With the interest of the Australian Government and ASEAN in the agricultural commodity production industry through free trade agreements (FTAs), the latest being RCEP, we have expressed our orientation and recommendations in the spirit of bilateral cooperation to promote cooperation between two countries with similar agricultural development: (1) The two Governments continue to support and connect specialized agricultural units between Vietnam and Australia (universities, research institutes,...) to exchange biotechnology, breed development, and precision scientific agricultural management; (2) Accelerate policies to support and exchange human resources, especially create favorable conditions for highly skilled workers, experts, graduate students, etc. to work and study in Australia. This will be an effective method to eliminate cultural barriers and create a favorable environment for learning about the business practices of different countries; (3) Deeply expand the consultation relationship between Vietnam and Australia, moving towards achieving bilateral agricultural trade. Through our initiatives and proposals, we expect to contribute to consolidating and enhancing the cooperative relationship between Vietnam and Australia to a new level, proving its pioneering position in national agriculture and leading the future agricultural trends that we are following.

Đặng Huỳnh Ức My - Nữ tướng ngành Nông nghiệp Việt
TTC AgriS's female management representatives convey the spirit of "AgriS Ladies - Unlocking potential, Spreading achievements" to the 4.0 generation of modern women who know their value to contribute to the community and society.

Equality mentality for sustainable development

In terms of internal strength, the pioneering of gender equality is also clearly shown in the enterprise. Please share more about this diversity and equal opportunity in the human resources structure at TTC AgriS?

According to research by the Journal of Economics and Forecasting, women's attitude and equal opportunities in business have recently been demonstrated when Vietnam has achieved a pretty high rate compared to many other countries on the rate of women holding senior leadership positions in businesses (34%, 2023) and the rate of women-owned businesses (27.4%, 2022). In a specific field such as agriculture with many male human resources, women's values and position are increasingly seen as essential links in the workforce and the company's growth in all periods. Representing the new generation of female leaders, I am proud that TTC AgriS pioneered the implementation of the 17 National Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 towards Gender Equality and women empowerment. Especially implementing gender equality in the Board of Directors structure when the proportion of women exceeds the global average of 19.7% and 17% of Vietnamese businesses (According to Deloitte research).

To make TTC AgriS products available in more than 50 countries around the world, as well as maintain the leading position in the domestic market with 46% market share of the sugar industry, and pioneer the digital transformation in agriculture 4.0 in Vietnam as it is now, the significant contributions of the female management team at the enterprise are indispensable. I am proud to have participated in these "following inspirations" in the business's next steps on the pioneering journey to lead a sustainable agricultural economy.

What standards does TTC AgriS set for governance elements to lay the foundation for the above gender equality, Madam?

The Board of Directors and TTC AgriS always appreciate the contributions and dedication of staff and female workers to the Company's overall success. In recent years, the Company has strived to build comprehensive and fair welfare policies and regimes based on competition to attract and retain talented people with reasonable remuneration policies and an active working environment. At the same time, they are always treated fairly, ensuring equal opportunities in training, development, and promotion activities without gender discrimination. Commitment to 100% of female employees being paid according to their qualifications, receiving benefits, and having equal development and advancement opportunities like men. Welfare policy issues for female workers strictly comply with the provisions of the law regarding recruiting and using female workers.

TTC AgriS's human resource structure is increasingly aiming at rejuvenation and diversity with high professional qualifications and good capabilities in line with sustainable development goals and contributing to modern agriculture in the Company's international market.

Through contributions towards achieving common sustainable development goals, my expectation for the next generation of leaders, especially women, is a sustainable vision and the ability to inherit. From there, we can spread the value and spirit of female entrepreneurship in Vietnam to contribute to the country's agricultural economic growth goals.

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