Continue writing the story of enhancing the value of deep processing for Vietnamese seafood

2023 has passed quickly; we still await brighter signs for seafood exports. Therefore, preparing a clear and systematic plan for the next stage and responding to difficulties in the coming time will demonstrate the flexibility and strength of domestic businesses, especially seafood ones.
Collagen từ da cá tra xuất khẩu sang Malaysia hướng đi mang tính đột phá

Collagen from pangasius skin exported to Malaysia is a breakthrough direction.

The Mekong Delta, which can be said to be the largest source of pangasius in Vietnam, has experienced an apparent downturn. At such a stage, creativity is vital because only creativity can diversify products and create many different consumption channels, including "back-up" of complex problems, to still depend too much on a market called the "main card".

Trisedco - an essential link in the Pangasius production chain, has found a creative direction to exploit the "gold mine" of this million-dollar fish.

Confident move

As a member of Sao Mai Group, Trisedco has maintained the title of the leading processing and exporting unit of fishmeal - fish fat and fish by-products (bubbles, stomachs, fish fins, fish breast, fish blood) in Vietnam for consecutive years. Located in Sao Mai Industrial Park - Lap Vo - Dong Thap, Trisedco is an essential link in the Pangasius value chain.

Continue writing the story of enhancing the value of deep processing for Vietnamese seafood

Established in 2008 during a historic financial crisis storm, but with enthusiasm and experience in serving the Vietnamese seafood industry, the company remained steadfast despite countless successive difficulties. After 15 years of formation and development, TRISEDCO has grown with strength and resilience; its charter capital has increased 18 times, reached the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam (after only ten years), and is also a leading deep processing enterprise in the seafood industry in the country.

Continue writing the story of enhancing the value of deep processing for Vietnamese seafood
Trisedco đã tìm hướng đi rất mới để nội tạng cá tra trở thành sản phẩm xuất khẩu.

Trisedco has found a new direction for Pangasius Organs to become an export product.

Continue writing the story of enhancing the value of deep processing for Vietnamese seafood

TRISEDCO’s brand products include fishmeal, fish fat, fish oil, stomach, fins, breast and bladder... The company provides various products from all parts of the fish, making the most of features considered "by-products" after being processed and processed into a source of millions of dollars in revenue.

TRISEDCO's crude fish oil products have caught the "eye" of a Singapore corporation specializing in renewable energy. The agreement signed between the two parties created a historical mark when TRISEDCO was honoured to become the No. 1 supplier with a "huge" capacity of up to thousands of tons/month to produce Biodiesel. Through this cooperation, TRISEDCO will explore a new segment in the pangasius by-product industry - producing Biodiesel from fish fat. This will be a solid foundation to help Trisedco advance to dominate and supply green fuel sources for domestic and foreign markets.

TRISEDCO is constantly innovating so that it can best adapt to unpredictable times. These are lessons learned from countless difficulties in the past.

Thành phẩm bột cá Trisedco đang có thị trường xuất khẩu rất tốt ở Nhật bản và Đài Loan
Trisedco's finished fishmeal products have perfect export markets in Japan and Taipei (China).
Continue writing the story of enhancing the value of deep processing for Vietnamese seafood

Trisedco fishmeal product has a characteristic aroma, is dry and has an Organic protein content of more than 80%. This is a source of input materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It is not an exaggeration to call Trisedco a turning point in solving "filtering millions of dollars" from by-products, a miracle of the seafood industry.

In the first months of this year, Vietnam's seafood industry faced difficulties in export markets due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused an economic crisis. Overcoming complex barriers, Trisedco continues steadfast in its aspirations to create new values for the Pangasius by-product industry.

They are filtering "millions of dollars" from pangasius by-products, changing the fortune of the billion-dollar seafood species from its surplus to bring quality products of industrial chemicals - cosmetics and pharmaceuticals- to the domestic and foreign markets that are "thirsty" for fresh and clean raw materials.

The Board of Directors and staff are closely connected towards a common goal.

Continuously researching, creating and improving techniques to overcome limits is the principle that TRISEDCO aims for.

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