Canadian Ambassador Shawn Steil's greeting to Vietnamese audience

WVR - On the afternoon of May 26, at the Presidential Palace, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc received Canadian Ambassador Shawn Perry Steil to present his credentials. On this occasion, Ambassador Shawn Steil has a video clip with greeting and certain mission statement to Vietnamese audience. The following are some of extracts from the Ambassador’s message.
Canadian Ambassador Shawn Steil's greeting to Vietnamese audience
President Nguyen Xuan Phuc receives Canadian Ambassador Shawn Perry Steil. (Source: VNA)

In his greeting, Ambassador Shawn Steil expressed his honour to present credentials to Vietnam. "Hi, my name is Shawn Steil. According to diplomatic tradition, I am now officially the Ambassador of Canada to Vietnam." "I am so grateful to be the Ambassador of Canada to Vietnam. I am honoured by the official welcome of the Government of Vietnam."

The new Ambassador stressed "the honour comes with responsibility", and his assignment is "to build a stronger partnership between Canada and Vietnam".

Ambassador Shawn Steil didn't hide his delight to be in Vietnam. "What a wonderful time to live in Vietnam. It is an amazing country, coming out from the pandemic and beaming with energy and optimism. I never meet people that are more industrious and generous. I believe there is no obstacle Vietnamese people cannot surmount. The performance of Vietnamese athletes at SEA Games 31 is proof. Congratulation Vietnam."

Ambassador Shawn Steil is upbeat about the fact that travel is opening up and Canadian people are beginning to go to Vietnam. "I am so excited to see tourism and education exchanges blossom again. Now it is time for Vietnam and Canada to build on a comprehensive partnership." "You know Vietnam is Canada’s biggest trade partner in South East Asia and there is so much potential for our economy to grow together."

"Next year, Canada and Vietnam will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations", which "are almost as old as I am", the Ambassador said. "Canada and Vietnam are expanding our partnership and dialogue on trade, economic development and global issues. Today, we are deeply in mutual understanding of a changing world and are prepared to face common challenges together."

With regard to the prospects of the development of the bilateral relationship, Ambassador Shawn Steil mentioned a number of challenges. "Right now, climate change and disasters in the environment are having a big impact on Canada and Vietnam. We have to share the best of our institutional knowledge and technology to fight climate change and address its impact".

He also mentioned "there are coercion and oppression that threaten peace and stability" and stressed his country's position that "Canada is turning to the Indo-Pacific region with the conviction that the countries that believe in and depend on the international law and norms must stand together to defend them."

In conclusion, Ambassador Shawn Steil reaffirms his aspiration for the relationship between Canada and Vietnam: "One of my top priorities is to deepen the mutual understanding and cooperation and the foundation of our common interests.". "I hope to build a Canada-Vietnam partnership for peace and sustainable development. Let’s get to work."

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