Bringing Tuyen Quang closer to foreign investors

Tuyen Quang possesses plentiful natural resources, abundant human resources, open investment policies to make it an ideal destination for both domestic and foreign investors, especially those from G7 countries.

With a natural area of 5,870 square kilometers, over 800,000 population, including 6 districts, 1 city, 138 communes, wards, and towns, and 22 ethnic groups living together, Tuyen Quang is a province with a long-standing historical, revolutionary, and cultural tradition. It is the capital of the liberation zone, the capital of resistance, and has a strategically important position throughout the long history of nation-building and preservation of Viet Nam.

Potentialities and advantages for development

Tuyen Quang has favorable conditions in terms of topography, natural resources, socio-economics, and humanities. It has potential strengths to develop in various fields.

The province has a large agricultural and forestry land area (agricultural production land area of 98,633 hectares, forestry land area of 440,770 hectares), with a forest coverage rate of over 65%. The fertile land and favorable climate are suitable for various crops, and there are concentrated areas of commodity products such as tea, sugarcane, oranges, and raw materials for paper production. The agricultural infrastructure has been invested in, and there is large-scale production of goods. Tuyen Quang has many rivers, lakes, and large streams, which are favorable conditions for the development of aquaculture and aquatic processing.

Tuyen Quang has the potential for diverse and attractive tourism development, including historical-cultural tourism, ecological tourism, and tourism resorts. Nature has endowed Tuyen Quang with diverse and magnificent caves, waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes. Especially, Na Hang - Lam Binh Special National Landscape with its majestic limestone mountains and primaeval forests, along with many rare species of wood and precious wildlife enlisted in the World Red Book. There is an ecological lake with over 8,000 hectares of water surface, which is likened to "Halong Bay amidst the mountains". My Lam hot mineral spring, with its hot water source of 62 degrees Celsius, is an advantage for tourism resorts.

Tuyen Quang is also a place of origin, convergence, and intermingling of various cultural nuances of ethnic minorities in the northern mountainous region, with unique indigenous festivals, legends, and distinct folk tunes such as the “Then Melody” of the Tay, Nung, and Thai ethnic minorities recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. “Thanh Tuyen Festival” celebrated annually during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a unique and distinctive cultural event of Viet Nam. “Nguyen Tat Thanh Square” - the essence of the mountains and forests - was awarded the “Asian City Landscape” prize in 2022 and is highlighted for its efforts to create a center that combines the old and the new cultural values.

Labor resources are found abundant, accounting for over 65% of the total population of the province, of which the proportion of the trained workforce is 24% bearing degrees or certificates. The province's labor force is qualified with trained and drilled skills to meet the labor demand in the industrial and service sectors.

Readiness for cooperation and development with G7 investors

During the process of integration and development, Tuyen Quang province has also established cooperative relations with several foreign localities such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, China, and some European countries. Currently, there are 59 projects invested by domestic investors in various sectors including industry, agriculture, tourism, and services, such as VinGroup Corporation, Sun Group Corporation, Danko Group, Flamingo Joint Stock Company, Cozy Group, and others. There are also 18 foreign-invested projects from countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, and Australia, in sectors including textile, packaging production, steel, electronic equipment, high-tech agricultural processing, and more.

In the coming time, Tuyen Quang will continue to prepare favorable conditions for cooperation and development, striving to become an attractive destination and bridge to attract more foreign investors, including G7 investors, to cooperate and invest in the province.

Efforts will be focused on building infrastructure, urban transportation, industrial zones and clusters, ensuring favorable conditions for business production and operations. The construction project of Tuyen Quang - Phu Tho expressway connecting with Noi Bai - Lao Cai expressway is scheduled to be technically opened in September 2023. The project for the construction of Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang expressway is being prepared for commencement. The completion of mechanisms, policies, and legal corridors will facilitate the development of production and business activities for enterprises, providing opportunities for accessing resources.

The province will also focus on improving the investment environment, ensuring equal and fair treatment among enterprises from different economic sectors in terms of access to and enjoyment of preferential policies and investment support. Currently, there are 2 industrial parks and 2 industrial clusters operating in the province with 23 projects, and the occupancy rate of industrial land is over 45%.

Bringing Tuyen Quang closer to foreign investors
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh inspected the progress of a 40.2-km expressway project connecting the two northern provinces of Tuyen Quang and Phu Tho on 21 January, 2022.

The provincial planning of Tuyen Quang for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, has been approved by the Prime Minister, making it the 8th province in the country to receive such approval. The addition of planning and the implementation of upgrading several provincial roads to national highways, district roads to provincial roads are underway. The planning of dry ports, railways, and airports in the province is being implemented according to the schedule. There are four growth poles associated with the potential and strengths of the region, including industrial growth, services, tourism, and urban development in Tuyen Quang city and the southern part of Yen Son district; industrial growth, urban development, and tourism in Son Duong district; tourism growth, specialty agricultural and high-quality goods production in Na Hang and Lam Binh districts; industrial and agricultural growth in Ham Yen and Chiem Hoa districts. There are 5 industrial parks under planning.

Tuyen Quang continues to intensify efforts to improve the investment and business environment, streamline administrative procedures, and focus on removing difficulties for enterprises and investors during project implementation and business development.

The province considers attracting investment and improving the investment environment as important tasks to promote socio-economic development. Various mechanisms and investment incentives have been implemented, focusing on administrative procedure reforms and creating a favorable investment environment, maximizing conditions for enterprises to implement projects in the province, and promoting a friendly, safe, and effective image of Tuyen Quang to investors.

District People's Committees, city authorities, and functional agencies in the province actively support investors from the initial stages, including site surveying, guidance on document preparation, procedures, and evaluation submission to the Provincial People's Committee for investment approval. They are also interested in introducing investment opportunities that align with the province's strategic orientation and effectively exploit its potential and advantages, as well as strengthening connections, exchanging experiences with other partner localities, and innovating institutional frameworks to meet practical requirements.

With specific actions and strategic directions, Tuyen Quang province always welcomes and desires to cooperate with G7 investors for mutual collaboration and development. The provincial government and people are committed to creating the best conditions for organizations, individuals, and investors, especially G7 investors, to visit, explore, invest, and cooperate in business activities in the province.

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