Awards launched to honour deeds for sake of livable Hanoi

The “For a Livable Hanoi” awards were launched on July 9 with a view to honouring the deeds that contribute to the capital city’s development in different aspects.
The organising committee introduces the awards criteria at the launch on July 9. (Photo: VNA)
The organising committee introduces the awards criteria at the launch on July 9. (Photo: VNA)

The awards, launched by the “Livable Hanoi” network, consist of three main categories, namely culture - arts, environment - urban space, and integration.

The Culture - Arts category aims to honour the cultural and artistic works, programmes and projects helping improve city dwellers’ spiritual lives.

In the category of Environment - Urban space, the awards will honour the activities and projects helping better the environment, expand and upgrade urban space, and improve people’s quality of living.

Meanwhile, the Integration category focuses on the activities and projects that assist vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, or activities promoting mutual understanding, non-discrimination and respect for diversity and equality, so as to help build a humanistic urban culture.

In particular, the awards also reserve a category for the persons with outstanding contributions to cultural, social and environmental aspects.

“Livable Hanoi” is a network of people sharing their love for Hanoi and wishing to carry out community activities to turn Hanoi into a more livable city.

Le Quang Binh, coordinator of the network, said there are a large number of organisations and individuals silently dedicating to the city in different areas, and the popularisation of their deeds will help encourage actions for the sake of Hanoi.

The awards ceremony will be organised on the occasion of the Capital Liberation Day (October 10) every year, he added.

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(Source: VNA)