Approval of the Plan for organizing a Military Parade to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory

The Ministry of National Defense has issued a Decision approving the Plan for organizing a military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory (May 7, 1954 - May 7, 2024). The parade will be held on the morning of May 7, 2024, following a rally at the Dien Bien Province Stadium.
Trong lễ kỷ niệm 70 năm Chiến thắng Điện Biên Phủ sẽ có phần trình diễn của 9 máy bay trực thăng mang cờ Đảng, cờ Tổ quốc bay qua Lễ đài. (Ảnh minh họa – Nguồn: Tổ quốc)
The military parade is an essential highlight of the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Dien Bien Phu Victory. (Photo: To Quoc)

The military parade is an important highlight of the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Dien Bien Phu Victory (May 7, 1954 - May 7, 2024), aimed at contributing to the affirmation of the significance, stature, and significant historical value of the Dien Bien Phu Victory and the continuous development and strengthening of the Viet Nam People's Army, People's Militia, and People's Public Security over the past 70 years under the leadership of the Party. It also serves to educate on patriotism and revolutionary traditions, to awaken deep pride and gratitude towards the generations who had sacrificed for the cause of national liberation, construction, and defense, and further to consolidate absolute faith in the Party's leadership.

This occasion also showcases the strength of the people's armed forces and the national spirit of unity, reaffirming the determined will of the entire Party, people, and military to successfully carry out the mission of national construction and resolute defense.

The parade is organized solemnly, formally, disciplined, securely, and cost-effectively. The participating forces are lean and modern, reflecting the unity and regularity of the people's armed forces, their cultural identity, and the national aspiration for peace.

The program involves preparing five forces, including saluting artillery, air force flyover, marching troops, a background troop on the ground (comprising 27 blocks, with 7 armed forces blocks and 20 mass mobilization blocks), and formation and letter formation troops.

The highlight of the parade is the participation of the Ceremonial Artillery, which has 18 105mm howitzers and 12 helicopters flying over the Air Force stands.

The parade begins with a 21-gun salute against the backdrop of the National Anthem of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It is followed by a display of 9 helicopters carrying the Party and National flags flying over the ceremony stand.

This is followed by performances from the marching contingents (4 ceremonial blocks, 24 military, people's militia, and public security blocks) and the mass mobilization blocks (9 blocks including veterans, youth volunteers, war laborers, workers, farmers, intellectuals, youth, women, and ethnic groups of the Northwest) and finally, a performance by the artistic block.

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