169 programs, events to celebrate the National Tourism Year - Dien Bien 2024

The Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Dien Bien Province announced that the theme for the National Tourism Year 2024 is "Glory of Dien Bien Phu - Endless Experiences". National Tourism Year - Dien Bien 2024 will span the entire year with numerous prominent activities.
(Ảnh: Lưu Học)
The highlight of the National Tourism Year - Dien Bien 2024 is the Opening Ceremony and the Ban Flower Festival 2024. (Photo: Luu Hoc)

This is a significant cultural, economic, and social event on a national scale. The event is part of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory. 169 programs and events will be organized. In which, 13 national-level programs and events organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in collaboration with other ministries, departments and sectors at the central-level. Dien Bien Province will host 28 programs, events, and activities, while 128 events and activities will be organized by 33 localities.

The highlight of the National Tourism Year - Dien Bien 2024 is the Opening Ceremony and the Ban Flower Festival 2024. The festival is themed “Returning to the Land of Ban Flowers”, which will be held in 16 March in the 7 May Square, Dien Bien Phu city. A special artistic program and a high-altitude fireworks display will be held on the evening of 6 May at 7-5 Square in Dien Bien Phu City.

Additionally, activities within the framework of the 2024 Ban Flower Festival include a photo contest, traditional ethnic costume showcases, Thai Ethnic Dance and Hmong Flute Art Festival, as well as exhibitions introducing Dien Bien Phu’s traditional culture, cultural exchanges and sports competitions. Furthermore, exhibitions of cultural and tourism products and the highland cultural space will also be featured.

Moreover, there will be many other highlighted activities such as the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Dien Bien Phu Victory on 7 May, 2024, at the provincial stadium; the Northwest Tourism Fair - Dien Bien and the National Culinary Festival in August 2024 at 7-5 Square; the Northwest Trade Fair - Dien Bien in 2024, taking place in the second quarter of 2024; and the Closing Ceremony of the "National Tourism Year - Dien Bien 2024" in December 2024 in Dien Bien Phu City.

In response to the main events from mid-March 2024 to mid-May 2024, travel businesses have begun launching many tourism programs, exploring the landmarks of Dien Bien province and neighboring localities.

Vietnam Airlines stated that, from the 6 to 30 March, it will double the frequency of flights to Dien Bien in service of the National Tourism Year 2024.

Two round-trip flights between Ha Noi and Dien Bien depart daily from Ha Noi at 13:05 and 14:05, and depart from Dien Bien at 14:40 and 15:40. These flights are expected to be an effective link to bring tourists to explore the Northwestern region.

In addition, many travel companies are introducing distinctive tour routes, taking tourists to Dien Bien to experience the Ban flowers during the New Year and visit historical sites.

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