Accompanying the people of Dien Bien, from wartime to peacetime

After more than 70 years with many difficult and challenging periods, up to now, the health sector of Dien Bien province has continuously grown, matured and reaped many achievements.
Accompanying the people of Dien Bien, from wartime to peacetime
Up to now, the entire health sector of Dien Bien province has 3,175 medical staff, working in four provincial hospitals with 830 beds; four specialized centers and one Medical College. (Photo: VNA)

More than 70 years of efforts

On May 1, 1953, the Dien Bien Health Sector was established to take care of people's health during wartime, and at the same time inform the people and soldiers about disease prevention and hygiene, and prepare for the Dien Bien Phu military campaign.

In October 1953, the Central Government sent 18 medical officers to reinforce the Dien Bien medical care services. Starting from a political mission, the Dien Bien Medical team was divided into two teams: a mobile medical team to propagate and care for people's health and an emergency team to train nurses for ambulances to prepare to serve the Dien Bien Phu military campaign.

During the Dien Bien Phu campaign, medical forces were stationed at the battlefield and promptly treated injured soldiers. Totally, more than 10,000 wounded soldiers and nearly 4,500 sick soldiers were treated. Thousands of minor wounded soldiers were treated and returned to combat positions. On May 7, 1954, our army and people achieved the victory over battle of Dien Bien Phu - “Illustrious in five continents, seismic event on earth.”

Over the past 70 years, since its establishment with the main mission of ambulance service, the Dien Bien's health sector has made important advances, mastering modern and advanced techniques and equipment, contributing to part of people's health care in this historical and heroic land.

The health sector of Dien Bien province always follows the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh who advised “a physician must work like a passionate mother”, the team of physicians in the province constantly improves medical ethics and upholds the good qualities of a physician whose performance is reflected in a high sense of responsibility, dedication to serving the patients.

Through the continuous efforts of the entire health sector, the health quality of people of all ethnic groups in the province has been significantly improved. Many achievements of modern medicine are effectively applied in people's health care services.

In particular, on the land of “illustrious” historic victory of Dien Bien Phu, the attention and care for veterans, wounded and sick soldiers, and former young volunteers in the province is well attended by the provincial health sector.

Dien Bien Provincial General Hospital is one of the facilities that cares for and monitors the health of veterans, wounded and sick soldiers who hold explicit health protection cards. These cases are scheduled for health monitoring and periodical health check.

Every year, the health sector coordinates with the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, agencies and organizations to well implement health care work and give gifts of gratitude; organize general health checks and examinations for veterans, wounded soldiers, and former young volunteers with a full range of specialties such as ultrasound, electrocardiography, ophthalmology, internal medicine examination, etc.

In addition to examining, detecting diseases, and providing common medications such as antibiotics, fever reducers, pain relievers, eye drops, vitamins... and some functional nourishment to support treatment. The doctors always provide guidance along with dedicated explanations of how to prevent and treat diseases for veterans, wounded soldiers, and former young volunteers.

Development of an equitable, quality and effective health system

Up to now, the entire health sector of Dien Bien province has 3,175 medical staff, working in four provincial hospitals with 830 beds; four specialized centers and one Medical College. The district has 10 medical centers with 1,085 beds.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared, the health sector has affirmed its steadfast, proactive, flexible and highly responsible character in caring for and protecting people's health. After basically controlling the epidemic outbreaks, the province dispatched more than 100 qualified and experienced medical staff to participate in supporting the prevention of COVID-19 epidemic in the southern provinces, making a significant contribution to the prevention of COVID-19, successfully controlled the epidemic and the effort was appreciated by provinces of the South.

Accompanying the people of Dien Bien, from wartime to peacetime

Health examination and consultation for people at Thanh Xuong Commune Clinic, Dien Bien district. (Photo: Dien Bien Provincial Department of Health)

In 2023, the Dien Bien Provincial Department of Health has performed well the task of taking care of the people's health. Activities to prevent and control a number of dangerous infectious diseases and some common non-communicable diseases in the community are carried out well. Medical examination, treatment and professional expertise are guaranteed.

During the year, medical facilities across the province examined over 851,000 visits of patients, an increase of 88,380 cases accounting for 11.6% increase, over the same period; the ratio of doctors is 13 doctors/10,000 people; 100% of medical stations have on-duty doctors; nearly 100% of villages and hamlets have medical staff. The food safety and hygiene are promoted. Activities in family planning and development continue to be implemented and maintained effectively.

The provincial health sector has also deployed the application of information technology, helping to facilitate the implementation of management activities, direct operations and statistical reporting, save budget, and make an important contribution in administrative procedure reform.

100% of medical examination and treatment facilities in the health sector have deployed Hospital Information System (HIS); specialized software systems such as: Image diagnosis software known as Radiology Information Systems & Picture Archiving & Communications System (RIS/PACS), test management software known as Laboratory Information System (LIS); the remote medical examination and treatment system, have been deployed, effectively serving transparent hospital management, reducing waiting time for examination and time for hospital discharge and admission procedures.

In 2024, the health sector sets out 15 specific targets and 16 key indicators with the goal of developing an equitable, qualified, effective and sustainable health system, aiming for universal health care coverage.

The Dien Bien Provincial Department of Health further strengthens the prevention of disease, HIV/AIDS, the secure food, hygiene and safety; improve the efficiency of medical examination and treatment; information technology application in medical care. At the same time, the Dien Bien Provincial Department of Health continues to consolidate the organizational structure of units, the staff planning, promotion and appointment of staff in accordance with procedures and regulations.

With the passion and responsibility of physicians, the provincial health sector has developed plans and directed the staff in medical facilities to drastically and effectively implement measures to prevent and control epidemics in general and provide proper health care services for people in particular. At the same time, the quality of medical examination and treatment will be improved to contribute to the cause of health care for people of all ethnic groups in the westernmost tip land of the Fatherland.

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