17 countries recognise Viet Nam's vaccine passport

“Vaccine passport” holders of the 17 countries and Viet Nam are entitled to the same medical requirements as those for local vaccinated people, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Le Thi Thu Hang has said.
17 countries recognise Viet Nam's vaccine passport
17 countries recognise Viet Nam's vaccine passport. (Photo: VOV)

In reply to reporters’ question about information regarding Viet Nam’s mutual recognition of vaccine passports with other countries on March 21, the spokeswoman said under the Prime Minister’s direction, the MOFA and Viet Nam’s overseas representative agencies have actively conducted negotiations and fast-tracked the mutual recognition of “vaccine passports” with other countries and territories.

Accordingly, as of March 17, the nation had reached agreement on the mutual recognition of “vaccine passports” with 17 countries, including the US, the UK, Japan, Australia, Belarus, India, Cambodia, the Philippines, the Maldives, Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Singapore, Saint Lucia, and the Republic of Korea.

The recognition includes the exemption of procedures for consular authentication/legalisation when using these papers in the countries of destination.

Additionally, the nation has so far temporarily recognised COVID-19 vaccination certificate forms of 79 countries and territories officially introduced to the MOFA, the official added.

A “vaccine passport” is a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or/and a COVID-19 recovery certificate. The “vaccine passport” is used as proof of a person’s vaccination and recovery history and does not replace other exit and entry papers such as passports, visas, international travel documents, laissez-passers, temporary and permanent residence cards, and visa exemption certificates.

A foreign “vaccine passport” is regarded as valid and can be used directly in Viet Nam’s territory if it is officially or temporarily recognized by the Vietnamese Government, Hang stated.

The list of the recognized “vaccine passports” is posted on the portal of the MOFA’s Consular Department at https://lanhsuvietnam.gov.vn.

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(Source: VOV)