Young scientist with idea of blockchain application

TGVN. Putting forth new ideas on the application of blockchain technology in educational management in Vietnam, Dr. Vu Ngoc Huy of Odessa National Technology University (Ukraine) said that he personally could not turn the idea into reality without the cooperation, connection from many others,…
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young scientist with idea of blockchain application
Dr. Vu Ngoc Huy.

According to the young doctor from the largest and oldest technical training institution in the Southern Ukraine, the application of blockchain technology in educational management has an important meaning to improve safety, transparency and reliability of data. In addition, the synchronization and simplification of this data processing will reach the step of educational digitalization and other fields…

Why blockchain?

In the current digital society, Internet plays an important role in the life of all members of society. Almost all information and data are stored and processed by large companies and corporations. According to Dr. Huy, not only Vietnam but many countries around the world have been urgently digitizing information in all fields, meeting the needs of the industrial revolution 4.0. Regarding digitalization, the storing and processing information safely, publicly, reliably and independently are extremely urgent requirements.

Dr. Huy said that blockchain technology was introduced for the first time in 2009, which has opened a new technology that makes the encryption, processing and storage of information become a seamless, secure, public, decentralized, equal chain. However, for many people, this technology is still relatively new and is being studied and fixed.

Analyzing the outstanding advantages of this technology, Dr. Huy put forth five characteristics that are safety (no one can change the information when it is stored), transparency (accessibility to entire history of events is always available to all participants), decentralization (transaction history is stored on each node in the network), equality (no administrator and supervisor, all participants in the same status and ability), and consensus (helps the network make decisions and takes responsibility for network trust).

Dr. Huy asserts this is truly open technology, allowing anyone to participate in exploration and research. Many countries around the world have seen its important role in modern society and applied it in some areas.

Advantages in educational management in Vietnam

Education development is a top priority and a premise to help train intellectual class – the basic factor for social development, rapid and sustainable economic growth. Therefore, Dr. Huy said that the application of blockchain technology in educational management is necessary. This is also an opportunity to help see the potential of applying blockchain technology in specific fields.

According to Dr. Huy, blockchain technology will promote special advantages such as storing learning, teaching and research records into a safe, public and equal information chain that everyone has the right to access and inspect. In particular, this technology has actively promoted the prevention of personal information, exam and degree frauds.

In addition, blockchain also simplifies the management system, reduces and controls errors in educational management. Not only quickly summarizing reports, making accurate assessments, surveys in education, this technology also helps connect and exchange information with other fields in a convenient and fastest way.

Connection is the key

Dr. Huy believes that blockchain platform is opening up a great opportunity for Vietnam to quickly digitize and synchronize all areas of life. Building a digital economy is also an urgent requirement of the country to develop and keep up with the world trends.

“It is necessary to study and assess the importance of blockchain to Vietnam at the present time. The state should encourage to create pilot applications of blockchain technology in other fields in addition to education, bring together scientists and programmers to connect with major domestic corporations to research and build a Vietnam-standard blockchain platform model – A common computer for the whole country”, he said.

However, Dr. Huy also said that those who have understood and used blockchain technology would find it is very easy to use, but this number of people are still small. In order to do this well, a collective process with the involvement of ministries and agencies with an implementation plan is needed.

“We are living in a time when people are connected to people, an era in which things connect and communicate with each other. I want my knowledge and expertise to be able to find empathy and connection with many other industries. Every single intellectual who does stand alone will do nothing really great for the country. Only when we join hands and connect together can Vietnam develop to international level”, said Dr. Huy.

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