Workshop promotes digital school management

Digital transformation has been and will be a mandatory requirement for educational institutions to ensure progress, training quality, and all training organisation and management activities towards sustainable development, contributing to training quality human resources serving economic development.
Workshop promotes digital school management
The Horizon International Bilingual School successfully organises a digital school management workshop on October 28.

On October 28, acknowledging the role of digital transformation in education, the Horizon International Bilingual School successfully organized a digital school management workshop, with the participation of nearly 100 leaders of general educational institutions in Hanoi, Ha Tinh and Lai Chau.

Speaking at the event, Noah Park, General Director of Envision Group, said that digital transformation is identified as a breakthrough and an important task that education needs to focus on implementing in the coming years. Good digital transformation not only helps improve the quality of education but more importantly contributes to improving labour productivity, creating great opportunities for international integration.

In recent years, the Horizon International Bilingual School has been one of the educational institutions taking the lead in implementing synchronous digital transformation from management to teaching and learning. The recent information technology application and digital transformation results at the school show that applying digital technology to education will bring in great efficiency, contributing to comprehensively improving the quality of training to meet new trends.

At the workshop, participants discussed issues such as digital transformation in teaching and management; digital transformation in the management of revenues and cashless payments, electronic school records; other systems at all educational levels: nutrition and equipment management; creating a digital timetable; electronic receipt and payment; learning material digitalisation and electronic lectures; models and solutions for digital transformation in education and training...

Many platforms were shared at the workshop, including an enrollment and email account creation system Digit.platform, an orientation programme for students and parents, and intranet system; surveying methods; and how to use Class Dojo, Atlas Next and Google spaces apps; developing curriculum and teaching plans; assessment method; attendance monitoring; student welfare; ways to build and implement a professional development plan for teachers in accordance with the roadmap to adapt to digital transformation: aSc timetable and CISCO security network; how to use interactive screens; management of school buses and learning support software, and out-of-class research by students and teachers. These platforms were shared and demonstrated by Principal Rovshan Zeynalov and other school leaders with the interactions of the school's Student Council.

The success of the workshop is an important commitment for all parties to join hands to ensure the digital transformation goal set by the education sector.

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