Vietnam's strong commitment to improve effectiveness of human trafficking prevention and control

WVR - Identifying human trafficking prevention as a constant and long-term political task, Vietnam is always serious, actively implementing tasks and solutions, working together with Southeast Asia region and the world to reverse this type of crime.
Tăng cường phối hợp trong công tác tiếp nhận, bảo vệ và hỗ trợ nạn nhân bị mua bán
Representative leaders of Ministries signed Regulations on coordination in receiving, protecting and supporting victims of trafficking on July 18. (Photo: Nguyen Hong)

Since the Program on human trafficking prevention and combat for the 2021-2025 period, with a vision towards 2030 was issued in February 2021, ministries, agencies and localities have implemented many drastic measures within their functions and tasks and achieved many specific results.

Inter-sectoral coordination

In recent years, in addition to the efforts to promulgate many policy documents related to human trafficking prevention and combat, inter-agency coordination has also been maintained and consolidated under the strict and timely direction of the Governmental Steering Committee on crime prevention and control (Steering Committee 138/CP).

In particular, on July 18, in response to the World Day against trafficking in persons on July 30, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed Regulations on coordination in receiving, protecting and supporting victims of trafficking.

This is an important milestone, affirming the common effort and determination in the prevention and combat of human trafficking, protecting the legal rights and interests of trafficked victims, overcoming the limitations in the practical coordination in recepting, protecting and supporting victims.

The promulgation of the regulation has conveyed a strong message about Vietnam's commitment to further improve the effectiveness of human trafficking prevention and combat.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the complicated development of the disease, which had certain impacts on the implementation of the preventation and combat of human trafficking, Vietnam had many solutions to adapt to the situation.

Strict implementation of international treaties and agreements

In order to prevent the risk of human trafficking in international migration, especially in illegal migration activities, ministries, sectors and localities continue with the strict implementation of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration Plan according to the Decision No. 402/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister dated March 20, 2020.

Vietnam is currently preparing a dossier of accession to the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by land, sea and air, supplementing the UN Convention on Transnational Organised Crime in 2000. This is an effort to prevent the risk of human trafficking through criminal activities through the smuggling of migrants.

The recommendations of the foreign parties related to human trafficking prevention and combat have been carefully and thoroughly considered by Vietnam. Many recommendations have been included in the Human Trafficking Prevention and Control Program for the 2021-2025 period with a vision to 2030.

Currently, the Ministry of Public Security is working with other ministries and sectors to complete a statistical form on the prevention and combat of human trafficking. In the process of building the form, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also been actively developing statistical criteria according to international practices for ministries and agencies to refer to and adjust to suit their practices.

The upcoming completion and synchronous implementation of the statistical form will help in fully assessing the efforts to prevent and combat human trafficking so that we can determine appropriate policies.

Ban chuyên án GL622, Bộ chỉ huy Bộ đội biên phòng tỉnh Gia Lai đã thông tin tiến trình điều tra vụ án và hoạt động giải cứu các nạn nhân trong vụ án buôn bán 7 thanh niên người dân tộc Jrai của làng Kloong, xã biên giới Ia O, huyện Gia Lai, Gia Lai sang C
On August 1, Gia Lai Province Border Guard Command awarded certificates of merit to collectives and individuals participating in the investigation and rescue of victims in the case of trafficking in 7 Jrai youths to Cambodia to exploit them. Exploitation and forced labor occurred at the end of June 2022. (Source: VNA)

Promoting international cooperation

Regarding international cooperation, Vietnam has been effectively implementing international treaties and commitments on human trafficking prevention and combat.

In recent times, Vietnamese authorities have increased cooperation with foreign parties in verifying, identifying and protecting victims of trafficking.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has promptly directed overseas Vietnamese representative missions to closely monitor the situation of Vietnamese citizens in the host countries to detect human trafficking trends and issues related to citizens in a timely manner, especially in the rescue and protection of victims, thereby supporting prosecution and trial work in Vietnam.

Most recently, at the end of June and beginning of July 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinated with the Ministry of Defence to rescue and bring back seven citizens who were trafficked to Cambodia for forced labour, promptly serving the handling of objects as well as contributing to the complete resolution of this situation.

The precise and effective steps in human trafficking prevention and combat have reflected Vietnam's efforts, determination and strong commitment in this regard.

Facing the increasingly complicated situation of cross-border human trafficking, it is required that the fight against human trafficking crimes should be further promoted. Accordingly, it is necessary to mobilise the synchronous participation of the entire political system and functional agencies, as well as the engagement of the community. Human trafficking is prevented, thus bringing peaceful life for Vietnamese people.

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