Vietnamese women’s desire to rise promoted in new era

In any period of the history, Vietnamese women make great contributions to the national defence and construction with a high spirit to rise.
Winners of the Vietnamese Women's Award 2021 (Source: VNA)
Winners of the Vietnamese women's Award 2021. (Source: VNA)

According to President of the Vietnamese women Union (VWU) Ha Thi Nga, sisters are highly evaluated in Southeast Asia with a high rate involving in social, political and economic activities, and especially State management work. Women won 30 percent of seats at the National Assembly in the election last year, she noted.

The official added that a national strategy on gender equality has been issued for the 2021-2030 period, and gender equality integrated into all other national target programmes.

Over the years, thanks to the Party and State's great efforts to build a favourable environment for women to make more contributions to the society, Viet Nam has risen to the 65th position out of the 162 countries and territories in terms of gender development index, and the 87th in the gender gap narrowing index.

Over the past 35 years, 20 collectives and 49 female scientists have won the Kovalevskaia awards.

Statistics showed that 26.5 percent of the total businesses in Viet Nam are led by women.

In order to affirm themselves, Vietnamese women have overcome difficulties to balance their role in their family and the society.

The VWU President said that in the time to come, the union will continue to pay special attention to activities to ensure safety for women and children, while applying measures to promote the comprehensive growth of Vietnamese women in the new era, thus making contributions to the national industrialisation and modernisation as well as international integration.

Specific measures to realise this goal are being discussed as part of the preparations for the union’s 13th National Congress to be organised later this year, she added.

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(Source: VNA)