Vietnamese cuisine sets six world records

The nation claimed six culinary world records as recognised by the World Records Union (WorldKings), according to the Vietnam Records Organisation (VietKings).
Vietnamese sticky rice. (Photo: Internet)
Vietnamese sticky rice. (Photo: Internet)

The six world records broken include the country with the largest number of “xoi”, sticky rice, and “che”, a Vietnamese dessert, dishes. This is, along with the country with the most natural spices, the country with the largest number of diverse and delicious street foods, the country with the most delicious home-cooked dishes, and the country with the most dishes made using banana trees, Radio The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) cited the source as saying.

Le Tran Truong An, general director of VietKings, said that Vietnamese delicacies are widely regarded as being not only nutrient-rich, but also flavour-rich and suitable to the taste of people from different countries worldwide.

This comes after the nation had five culinary world records recognised for the first time in November, 2021, by both the WorldKings and the World Records Association (WRA).

In line with this, the country boasts the largest number of “strand and broth” dishes and the most variety of “mam”, fermented fish, dishes in the world, with each being made with unique flavours.

Furthermore, the nation also boasts the largest collection of dishes made from flowers, the most kinds of special rolls, and the most dishes made from rice flour.

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(Source: VNA)