Vietnam, Laos look to beef up transport cooperation

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The and Lao Minister of Public Works and Transport Viengsavath Siphandone held a working session in Hanoi on July 14, during which they discussed transport cooperation plans between the two countries in 2022 and the following years.
Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The. (Photo: VNA)
Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The. (Photo: VNA)

At the meeting, the ministers also reviewed the partnership between the two ministries in the last two years.

According to The, the signing of cooperation documents on transport between the two countries has created a legal basis for Vietnam and Laos to be proactive in planning transport connections between the two countries in particular, and with other countries in the region in general, thus ensuring synchronous development of the transport system in a sustainable and modern direction and meeting the transportation need of the two countries.

He suggested the two sides further accelerate the implementation of the Hanoi - Vientiane expressway project, which will connect the Thanh Thuy border gate in Vietnam and the Nam Om border gate in Laos.

For upgrades to route 18B from Attapeu province in Laos to the Vietnam-Laos border, aid designated by the Vietnamese Government for the Lao Government in 2022 will be used. Minister The proposed to the Lao ministry to seek early approval from the Lao Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for plans and financial estimates for surveyed items, and prepare environmental and social impact assessment reports on the project.

Regarding the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) research project, the Vietnamese official called on relevant agencies from the two countries to actively coordinate with the Asian Development Bank (ADB)'s experts to implement the project.

The minister spoke highly of the two countries' agreement to develop a railway system connecting the two countries on the construction and operation of the Vung Ang - Vientiane railway route.

In the field of maritime transport, Minister The proposed the Lao minister submit a report to the Lao Government urging the early confirmation of Lao State-owned enterprises to join the Vung Ang seaport project.

For cross-border goods transport, they asked the Lao ministry to consider restoring convenient transportation to pre-COVID-19 levels.

He also hoped for stronger cooperation between the two sides in training, especially in terms of transport and logistics; road; railway; aviation; maritime transport; inland waterway and traffic construction management, saying that on the basis of the mechanism of the Vietnam - Laos Cooperation Committee, every year, Vietnamese transport training institutions have helped train hundreds of Lao students and postgraduates.

For his part, Siphandone acknowledged and highly valued the cooperation between the two ministries in recent times, and pledged to accelerate the implementation of the cooperation projects.

He spotlighted the significance of the Hanoi - Vientiane expressway project, expressing hope that any difficulties facing the implementation of the project will soon be removed.

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(Source: VNA)