Vietnam counts 10,767,948 COVID-19 cases so far

The national caseload of COVID-19 reached 10,767,948 on July 24 with 748 new cases reported in the past 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health.
Tiêm mũi 3 vaccine phòng Covid-19 cho trẻ từ 12-17 tuổi đã tiêm đủ liều cơ bản của Bộ Y tế, vaccine sử dụng tiêm là vaccine Pfizer. (Nguồn: SK&ĐS)
Vietnam counts 10,767,948 COVID-19 cases so far. (Source: SK&ĐS)

A total 9,772 COVID-19 patients were given the all clear on the day, bringing the number of recoveries so far to 9,861,276. There are 29 patients in serious conditions needing breathing support.

No death from COVID-19 was recorded in the past 24 hours. The total fatalities stood at 43,092.

On July 24, 204,370 doses of vaccines were administered, raising the total number of doses of COVID-19 vaccines injected to 242,507,397.

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(Source: VNA)