Vietnam Airlines to host International Airline Symposium in Hanoi

From February 27 - 29, the International Airline Symposium (IAS) will take place in Hanoi, with Vietnam Airlines as the host airline.
Vietnam Airlines to host International Airline Symposium
Illustrative image (Source: VNA)

Under the theme of “Navigating Aviation in a Never Normal World”, the event will bring together about 60 delegates who are representatives from airlines and international organisations worldwide.

The symposium is expected to feature four discussion sessions on a range of topics, including challenges of the global aviation industry. Common issues which are scheduled to be mulled over at the event comprise current trends affecting airlines, ways to improve operation efficiency, service quality and AI application in solving problems of the industry.

The IAS is an annual conference held since 1988 on an international scale, attracting top leaders and experts from various fields around the world to meet and exchange on notable issues of the global aviation industry.

As the host of the event, Vietnam Airlines has the opportunity to gather opinions from leading experts and join in-depth discussions on latest trends and technologies in the field of aviation, to build development strategies in the context of a volatile world.

The event is also expected to contribute to spreading the images of Vietnam and its people to international passengers.

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(Source: VNA)