Vietjet Aviation Academy join IATA’s training network

VietJet Air and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have just signed a training agreement, under which VietJet Aviation Academy is appointed as IATA’s latest Regional Training Partner (RTP) in Vietnam.

Under the agreement, the academy will offer IATA training courses designed by industry experts.

These courses are internationally recognized training programs and are updated frequently to keep pace with the latest regulatory procedures, new standards, and the fast-changing demands of the aviation industry.

Vietjet Aviation Academy join IATA’s training network | Business | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)
Vietjet's cockpit simulators (SIM) for pilot training (Photo: VNA).

At the signing ceremony, Vietjet Vice President and Chairman of Vietjet Aviation Academy Luong The Phuc said human resources are the focus of Vietjet’s development plans, and the aviation industry at large, adding the academy provides trainees with the best learning environment where they attend IATA courses, receive IATA certificates, and access the most modern training equipment.

Meanwhile, Regional Vice President for Asia-Pacific of IATA Philip Goh said that the cooperation between the two sides will support aviation human resources development in Vietnam and in the region.

The collaboration between Vietjet Aviation Academy and IATA is part of Vietjet’s sustainable development roadmap, which includes research and application of aviation science technology, and training of professional human resources.

Vietjet Aviation Academy is a leading training and research institute in the region and over the world. It owns three cockpit simulators (SIM) for pilot training, aircraft and passenger cabin mockups, engines, technical parts and functional training rooms, and an engineer training center, among others.

To date, Vietjet Aviation Academy has provided training for nearly 395,000 trainee pilots, cabin crews, engineers, and staff.

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(Source: VNA)