Viet Nam professional in managing COVID-19 response: Israeli ambassador

Ambassador of Israel to Viet Nam Nadav Ashca spoke highly of Viet Nam’s successful response to COVID-19 during a recent interview, saying he is impressed to see the significant growth in the trade volume between the two countries over the last two years despite the COVID-19 challenges.
Viet Nam professional in managing COVID-19 response: Israeli ambassador
Medical workers administer COVID-19 vaccine to people at an inoculation site. (Photo: VNA)

“Viet Nam was very professional in managing to stop the pandemic from going into the country”, he said. Basically, in the first year when almost all the world, including Israel, was struggling, the situation was quite normal in Viet Nam and a lot of lives were saved, he said.

“That was already a huge success for the Vietnamese Government".

He said the Vietnamese Government had to struggle very hard to find solutions for the health element first and foremost, Ashca noted, particularly mentioning the country’s largest-ever COVID-19 vaccine rollout as the key.

Viet Nam is among the most vaccinated countries in the world, he continued. “You can see huge differences at the beginning of the crisis, especially in the South about half a year ago when people were not yet vaccinated, and now”.

Though the number of people being infected remains high, the mortality rate went down significantly, he stated. “I think the Vietnamese Government is doing very well on the health level".

He also complimented Viet Nam’s economic resilience despite the collapse of many businesses and supply chain disruptions globally, saying it was a surprise for him to witness the Viet Nam-Israel trade expanded 36 percent in 2020 and some 15 - 20 percent in 2021.

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(Source: VNA)