US experts laud Prime Minister Chinh’s speech at CSIS

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s speech at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), delivered during his trip to the US, has drawn attention from US politicians and scholars who hailed the message that the Vietnamese leader spread in the remarks.
Prime Minister stresses sincerity, trust and responsibility for better world at US CSIS
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaks at CSIS. (Photo: VNA)

The speech, themed “Sincerity, trust and responsibility for a better world,” focused on how Viet Nam sees the world today, the role of sincerity, trust and responsibility in a turbulent world, and what the country needs to do in order to demonstrate sincerity, and bolster trust and responsibility, for a better world.

It underlined Viet Nam’s willingness to cooperate with the international community to deal with issues that all countries, small or large, rich or poor, have to settle together, while affirming in a world full of turbulence, strategic competition and a great many choices, Viet Nam picks no side. “Instead it chooses justice, fairness and goodness, based on the principles of international law and the UN Charter. It chooses equality, shared benefits for all, and win-win for all”.

Gregory B. Poling, Director of the CSIS’s Southeast Asia Programme and Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, said that the Vietnamese Prime Minister’s speech conveyed important and comprehensive messages, and Viet Nam's commitments to global issues. The Vietnamese leader spread a strong message that between negotiation and confrontation, Viet Nam chooses negotiation, not war, and Viet Nam chooses cooperation and healthy competition, he added.

Although being a developing country, Viet Nam has shown responsibility and high determination in responding to climate change and implementing the commitment to net-zero emission by 2050 that the country gave at 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), said Poling.

Virginia B. Foote, President of the Board of the US International Centre, held that Prime Minister Chinh’s speech is significant to the US, saying it reflects the path of the Viet Nam-US cooperation. The Prime Minister touched upon a host of major issues like climate change, digital transformation and economic cooperation in Asia-Pacific, said Foote, who is also co-founder of the US-Viet Nam Trade Council (USVTC) and President and CEO of Bay Global Strategies. It is a wonderful speech for the Viet Nam-US relations in the future, she emphasised.

US experts laud Prime Minister Chinh’s speech at CSIS
Prime Minister stresses sincerity, trust and responsibility for a better world at US CSIS. (Photo: VNA)

Foote expressed her impression on Prime Minister Chinh’s remarks on Viet Nam's development goals in the coming time, and the strong bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries.

Through the remarks of the Vietnamese Government leader, people will realise that Viet Nam is a friendly nation and an attractive destination for foreign investors, not just US businesses, she said.

Ha Phuong, Senior Director of BowerGroupAsia - a policy and strategy consulting firm, highlighted Viet Nam's position in the eyes of US politicians and scholars during Prime Minister Chinh’s trip to the US.

Viet Nam's role in the region is growing stronger, and being highly valued by its partners, Phuong told the Viet Nam News Agency’s correspondents in the US.

The Vietnamese delegation made significant contributions to the ASEAN-US Special Summit, in terms of both discussion and document building.

Prime Minister Chinh attended and delivered speeches in all activities within the summit, expressing his views on orientations for the ASEAN-US relations. His statements conveyed a message of a sincere and responsible Viet Nam in international cooperation, and a reliable friend and partner of the US and other multilateral partners.

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(Source: VNA)