Tuyen Quang focuses on developing specialty fruits

The northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang is focusing on developing fruit farming, particularly local main fruit crops and specialty fruits with high values, in the 2025-2030 period.

Tuyen Quang’s main fruit products include oranges, pomelo, longan, bananas, and custard apple. It is also home to some kinds of specialty fruits like Xuan Van persimmon and Hong Thai pear.

Tuyen Quang focuses on developing specialty fruits | Society | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)
Hong Thai pear is one of the specialty fruits of Tuyen Quang. (Photo: VNA).

Along with encouraging businesses to invest in fruit processing, Tuyen Quang is working with enterprises to develop fruit farming areas, promote the formation of production chains, and support cooperatives in production and building sustainable connectivity between farmers and businesses.

The provincial administration has also purified forms of farming encouragement to intensify the transfer of advanced farming techniques and scientific-technological advances to farmers to enhance the quality of products while paying greater attention to building trademarks for local fruits.

It is striving to expand fruit farming areas to 19,000 hectares in 2025 with a total output of over 200,000 tonnes per year, including 180,000 tonnes of high-value products.

In 2030, the province expects over 220,000 tonnes of fruits per year, including more than 210,000 tonnes of specialty and high-value products.

Specifically, in 2030, Tuyen Quang aims to develop 7,500 hectares of orange with the production of over 100,000 tonnes per year, with 3,050 hectares receiving farming region codes, mostly in Ham Yen, Chiem Hoa, and Yen Son districts.

Tuyen Quang focuses on developing specialty fruits | Society | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)
Tuyen Quang aims to develop 7,500 hectares of orange by 2030. (Photo: VNA).

At the same time, the area of the pomelo farm is expected to exceed 5,300 hectares, producing over 60,000 tonnes of fruits each year, including 2,500 hectares receiving farming codes, concentrating on Yen Son, Ham Yen, and Chiem Hoa districts.

The locality will also develop over 900 hectares of longan farms in Son Duong, Yen Son, Ham Yen district, and Tuyen Quang City, with an annual output of over 6,000 tonnes per year.

Currently, Tuyen Quang has about 19,700 hectares of fruit farms, including 7,716 hectares of orange, 5,300 hectares of pomelo, 899 hectares of longan, and 2,233 hectares of banana, with a yearly output of more than 180,000 tonnes. Some kinds of local fruits have made their name on the domestic market, such as Ham Yen orange, Xuan Van pomelo, and Hong Thai pear.

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