The American University in Vietnam (AUV): Developing Human Capital to Advance Sustainable Growth

Inspired by the mission of making American-style educational excellence accessible to generations of Vietnamese learners, AUV has dedicated its intellectual and physical resources to developing the human capital of Vietnam and its future professionals.
Đại học Mỹ tại Việt Nam AUV: Cầu nối phát triển bền vững nền giáo dục Hoa Kỳ và Việt Nam
Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh shared about the American Education Urban Village Project with Secretary of the Dong Nai Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hong Linh and Boeing Corporation's representative.

Human Capital

Vietnam has indisputably created new opportunities for businesses and individuals, attracted capital investments, created new industries, and opened itself to regional and global integration. The country has maintained rapid growth and continuous development in various sectors of the economy. Such development invariably requires physical and technological capital and human capital.

As Vietnam moves toward an industrialized service economy, quality education is critical to producing a creative, competent, skilled workforce for sustainable growth and balanced development.

The vision and efforts of the Government of Vietnam in promoting innovation in business and industry are commendable. Such a transition requires superior human capital and a highly competent professional workforce. Entrepreneurial creativity is needed in the human services sector, especially in education and training.

Developing Human Capital

Responding to the need for quality human capital, The American University in Vietnam (AUV) has pioneered a new style of education based on American teaching philosophy and methodology. It is the first university in Vietnam to make American educational excellence accessible to Vietnamese students in Vietnam.

AUV offers students exciting majors, such as sustainable tourism, digital media communication, aviation management, entrepreneurial business management, engineering management, allied health sciences, commercial and unmanned aviation engineering, aviation communications, and more.

AUV's curricula are regularly updated to provide an interdisciplinary approach to natural sciences, social sciences, math and engineering, arts, and humanities studies.

AUV primarily focuses on "developing lifelong skills, such as creative thinking, structured problem-solving, global & holistic analysis, responsible decision-making, and effective communication.

AUV students have unique opportunities to experience transnational university life in Vietnam and the United States. Students can pursue their education in Vietnam or transfer their courses directly to AUV's partner universities in the U.S. without re-admission.

A Success Story

Registered in 1999, AUV is the first 100% foreign-invested, non-profit university in Vietnam to offer American-quality education in an English-speaking learning environment delivered by an American faculty. With an investment of $150 million, AUV had its groundbreaking in 2010 on a 31-hectare campus in Da Nang on the border of Quang Nam province in Central Vietnam. The campus opened its door in 2015. The lush, opulent landscape of the campus, the stylish buildings, and the modern facilities provide ample space for students to explore, interact, and engage in research and activities. Designed to accommodate students' diverse learning styles, classrooms are equipped with smart boards, a digital presentation setup, and flexible seating arrangements suitable for student-center instruction by the faculty.

In addition to its green campus and state-of-the-art facilities, AUV stands out in offering innovative curricula, such as International Business Administration, Digital Media Communications, Sustainable Tourism, Startup and Entrepreneurship, Health Sciences, and Aviation Management.

The American University in Vietnam (AUV) offers outstanding academic programs and a stimulating intellectual community that prepare students for productive and meaningful lives in a diverse and changing world.

AUV programs offer a "unique international education experience with an explicit edge for students to develop their talents, skills, and potential to prepare for a successful life, global careers, and leadership in a rapidly changing world.

AUV provides students with attractive paths for completing their degrees and continuing their education for a master's degree in the U.S. Students can choose from various options, such as 1+3+1, 2+2+1, 3+1+1, or 4+1. These options are uniquely designed in collaboration with AUV's partner universities in the U.S. to save students' costs, time, and travel. Some courses may be delivered transnationally by university professors in the U.S. via synchronous or asynchronous media courses using large-screen innovative interactive platforms in AUV's state-of-the-art media labs.

Đại học Mỹ tại Việt Nam AUV: Cầu nối phát triển bền vững nền giáo dục Hoa Kỳ và Việt Nam
Eagle Arena, AUV’s sports arena, with a capacity of over 5,000 seats, stands as a hub for hosting large-scale activities of AUV and its domestic and international educational affiliates.

Looking Forward

Plans are underway for an AUV satellite campus in Ho Chi Minh City to house a host of American educational institutions and degree programs serving the educational needs of provinces in Southern Vietnam. This massive complex in the new economic zone bordering Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai province is earmarked as The American Education Urban Village Project. The project will deploy multi-disciplinary, multi-media education and training programs and modules at various levels covering grades from elementary school to university degrees. Chancellor Binh Tran is forging strategic alliances with several prestigious universities from around the world to deliver global programs suitable for the economy of Vietnam.

The need for human capital development is in high demand in the aviation industry. AUV looks forward to offering exciting programs in advanced" "education and training to satisfy the aviation industry's needs in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Aviation programs at AUV will include Aviation Management, Aviation Engineering, and certificate programs in aviation administration, aircraft maintenance, and other fields. These majors are under development in partnership with well-known universities in aviation, such as Florida Institute of Technology, Arizona State University, Central Washington University, and major airlines in the region. AUV has experience in offering programs for aviation career professionals. These programs include training conducted for Vietnam Airlines, the nation's flagship airline, in aviation engineering, aviation administration, and pilot training.

Education is also in high demand in the field of Health Sciences. Particular interest in offering medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health majors. The American Education Urban Village project will provide opportunities for Vietnamese students to pursue education and training offered by AUV-partner universities delivered both transnationally and at facilities on the Urban Village campus.

Degree programs, professional training, and certificate programs are attractive avenues for Vietnamese professionals to achieve their career goals. AUV functions as a conduit for students having direct access to advanced American education either in the USortransnationally on the campus of AUV here in Vietnam.

Every year, more than 90% of our graduates are awarded scholarships to continue their education at reputable universities worldwide. For most students, the cost saving from education through AUV is significant. On the other hand, these graduates complete their education overseas and become successful professionals, holding influential positions in domestic and global companies and institutions.

Responsibility to Society

In today's complex, networked, and rapidly changing environment, industries, businesses, and organizations should seek operational excellence through innovation, focus, a lean operating culture, and the application of emerging technologies.

Exciting technologies in robotics and automation, quantum computing and super A.I., nanotechnologies, and genetic engineering will occur with or without our participation. We should all commit ourselves to be active participants in these changes.

As Vietnam progresses with its regional and global economic integration, the need for a world-class cadre of highly trained professionals grows exponentially. Investment in developing human capital benefits all aspects of the service economy of Vietnam.

In the words of AUV Chancellor Binh, "We look forward to the further development of Vietnam and growth of its brain-intensive sector of the economy. We are confident that the professionals and leaders of the knowledge economy of Vietnam will shape and sustain the country's position as a strong player in the regional and global economy."

As a responsible member of society, AUV is proud to have dedicated its resources to the development of the human capital of Vietnam. AUV remains steadfast in affirming its commitment to enriching the quality of education of Vietnam's current and future workforce.

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