Taking advantage of heritage to develop culture in digital age: NA deputy Bui Hoai Son

WVR - In talking with the World and Vietnam Report, National Assembly deputy Bui Hoai Son, Standing Member of the National Assembly's Culture and Education Committee, former Director of the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies, affirmed that the digital transformation process makes cultural heritage come alive.
Taking advantage of heritage to develop culture in digital age: NA deputy Bui Hoai Son
Taking advantage of heritage to develop culture in digital age: National Assembly deputy Bui Hoai Son. (Photo:Quochoi.vn)

Digital transformation and digital culture will become important tools to develop national culture in the digital age. How to exploit the economic value of culture in Vietnam?

We are living in the context of digital culture, where digital space and digital media have helped form habits, tastes and values ​​consistent with those are featured in digital spaces and media. It is absolutely possible to take advantage of opportunities from this new context for culture to promote its value and exploit economic benefits. The digital transformation process makes cultural heritage come alive.

We can see recent examples such as the virtual exhibitions of the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, the 3D mapping projection at the Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam and many other museums and monuments that have received attention and response of the audience. The songs like See Tinh or Handwashing Dance Ghen Co Vy and many clips on TikTok promoting Vietnamese culture have truly brought the culture, image of the country and people of Vietnam to the world. Since then, it has attracted the attention of the global public to Vietnam.

In my opinion, this not only helps us gain more bravery and confidence in our national culture, but also have impact to the socio-economic situation. What the band BlackPink did in Vietnam, or how world bands and artists promote culture, creating a positive impact on the socio-economic development of countries, helps us have more confidence to promote our culture, including through digital media channels.

From your perspective, what is the importance of spreading national soft power in the international arena, making people around the world know and love Vietnam?

I believe that spreading national soft power will bring many benefits to the country's development. First, help Vietnam build and maintain good relationships with other countries through mutual understanding and respect, creating a foundation for international cooperation and trade. A positive image of Vietnam can create confidence from international investors and businesses, and stimulate economic development through attracting investment capital and business cooperation.

Furthermore, spreading soft power helps Vietnam actively participate in international forums and solve global issues such as climate change, sustainable development, security, contributing to building a world of peace and prosperity.

In addition, soft power promotes tourism development, allowing tourists to explore the country, culture and people of Vietnam. Thereby, helping to develop the tourism industry and spreading benefits to other socio-economic fields, as well as helping the economy and culture of localities and tourist destinations to develop better.

So what can we do to clear the bottlenecks in cultural promotion activities to create a civilized and modern image of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends?

To strengthen the promotion of Vietnamese culture to the world, in my opinion, it is first necessary to well implement strategies related to this issue such as the Cultural Diplomacy Strategy until 2030, the Strategy on External Cultural Affairs until 2030. Furthemore, to build and perfect mechanisms and policies to support national arts promotion and export of cultural products abroad.

We need to proactively expand cultural cooperation with other countries, carry out diverse forms of cultural promotion on the basis of deepening international cultural relations, achieving practical results. Selectively choosing the quintessence of world culture, enriching national culture.

Taking advantage of heritage to develop culture in digital age: NA deputy Bui Hoai Son
Taking advantage of heritage to develop culture in digital age: The core values ​​of the Cultural Outline have made an important contribution to the development of national culture in the new era. (Photo: WVR)

At the same time, we also need to further promote the talents and enthusiasm of Vietnamese intellectuals, writers and artists abroad in participating in promoting the country's culture, becoming a bridge to promote the image of Vietnam's country, culture, and people. Build a number of Vietnamese cultural centers abroad and translation centers to promote Vietnamese culture abroad.

All of these activities require the cooperation and contribution of the entire society including the State, businesses, and private individuals, both at home and abroad. By doing that, we fully believe in the bright future of cultural promotion activities, contributing to realizing the aspiration of building a prosperous and happy country.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong once emphasized that: "Culture is the soul of the Nation, expressing the identity of the Nation. As long as culture exists, the nation will remain". In your opinion, what is the importance of culture in the development of each country and nation, especially in the digital age?

We live in a society affected by the market economy, both positive and negative, compounded by extensive international integration and the development of science and technology.

Almost all problems in society are related to culture, even the occurance of negative problems, including the phenomenon of moral degradation in society, are also related to culture. That is the challenge we are facing today.

Therefore, building culture in the current context has its own complexities. We need a revolutionary innovation in cultural management and development. In my opinion, cultural development is about building people, and is also the main goal of national development.

In the current period, when countries focus more on building soft power, culture is effective in supporting the country's economic development. We also need to create a legal corridor that is open enough and progressive enough to create conditions for people's cultural rights to create the dynamism of culture and art. When people are given the conditions to enjoy, create and respect freedom of artistic and cultural expression, it will be a good environment for cultural development.

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