SEA Games 31 medal sets made public

The Organising Committee of SEA Games 31 said the designs of medals to be awarded during the SEA Games 31 have been completed, and the manufacture of the medals has begun.
SEA Games 31 medal sets made public
SEA Games 31 medal sets made public

About 4,000 gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to athletes with high achievements in competition.

The SEA Games 31 medals are cast in copper – zinc compounds, of which red copper accounts for over 85 percent.

Each medal is 5mm thick, with an embossed saola (the mascot of the event) image on one side, and an embossed logo on the other side.

The V-shaped hand logo on the medal is inspired by the image of athletes putting their hands on the left chest when singing the national anthem of their country, while the blue ascending wing symbolizes the brave spirit, the aspiration to conquer new heights and the friendship in the region.

The gold medal will be plated with 24k gold, silver medals will be silver plated, and bronze medals will be copper plated.

To maintain the durability, each medal will be lined on the inside with 3 layers of plating and covered with an extra layer on the outside. The medal chain is made of woven fabric, creating a strong feeling.

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