Poland has a big experience in transformation of economy which can share with Vietnam: Polish Undersecretary of State

WVR - On the occasion of visit to Vietnam, Anna Krystyna Radwan-Röhrenschef, Undersecretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared with the World & Vietnam Report the potentials of cooperation between the two countries.
Anna Krystyna Radwan-Röhrenschef, Undersecretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared with the World & Vietnam Report on May 29. (Photo: Tuan Viet)

In 2025, the two countries will celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations. Could you please share the most outstanding points of bilateral relations over the past 7 decades?

First of all, I would like to say thank you for hosting me here in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is my first time here. Actually, I arrived yesterday in the evening and I said to my colleagues that, up to 5 minutes, I already fell in love to this country, Hanoi – a very nice city.

I also called my children and said: “Ok, you should come here, you will like it”. So first of all, thank you very much for your hospitality; and I’m looking forward to bring my family, not only in political issues, but also to my family here.

About our relations, we have long history of good cooperation. In terms of cooperation, we have many issues which are joint for our nations, which I am also sure that, we have many issues for our future. Of course, you are aware that we have a great number of Vietnamese society in Poland, and here, I must stress that it is very much supported and appreciated people from Vietnam to Poland.

We appreciate hard work and they are very very respected in Poland thanks to the hard-working, the culture and also the openness to Poland. So this is very important for us.

The image of Poland in Vietnam is very positive. It also because of the great community of Vietnamese who are in Poland. I must stress that a month ago, we have a local election and we, for the first time, elected Vietnamese to our local government in Warsaw. So it shows there is a big level of support and trust that Vietnamese people have in this case of having Vietnamese woman elected in our local government. And the image is very good.

I hope that thanks to my visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, I will also bring the new topics in politics, and also the people-to people relations.

How do you evaluate the potentials for economic cooperation between the two countries in the coming time in the context that Vietnam is Poland's largest trading partner in Southeast Asia and Poland is Vietnam's priority partner in the Central Eastern Europe region?

We are looking forward to deepening our economic cooperation. We have many issues and aspects that we can work on. I would like to stress that Poland has a big experience in transformation in the matter of economy and we can share the experience of this. For instance, digital issues – the things we are very proud of and we would like to share our initiatives, our inventions also with you.

As you stress, we have many areas which we can cooperate: Digital, economy, market… However, what we would like to also stress is the culture. I know that Vietnamese are very keen on Polish music, on Chopin, on pianist’s concerts. So I hope that more of you will come to Poland, not only on the matter of signing good agreements, of course it is very important for us, but also to enjoy our culture. And I am sure and I know that Poles are very much interested in coming to Vietnam, to visit the country, to know the people and enjoy loving nature and having not only great holidays here but also great culture experience.

Poland has a strategy to become a leading country in the Europe in the field of digitalization. Could you please share Poland’s experiences with Vietnam in this field?

I am sure that you are already open for the matter of digitalization. And we, with our services, are willing to support you, but you are already very much experienced in the issue.

If you look at Poland, we have a very big step in digitalization, comparing to other countries. I can tell you one story, for instance, when we go to Germany, and I want to buy a box of matches, I have to do it actually with the money. And in Poland, you can buy the box of matches just using your phone, and you can come to a small shop and you can even buy small things like peanuts using the digital tools. So, may be it sounds funny, but we often think that we are even more advanced in digitalization also in the matter of service for the civilians than other European countries. So I am sure that it will be also the potential for our cooperation.

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