Petrol prices plunge for third consecutive time

Petrol prices were adjusted down from 3pm on July 21 by the Ministries of Industry and Trade, and Finance, the third time in a row and the second significant decrease.
Cách đây ít ngày, liên bộ Tài chính - Công thương đã quyết định điều chỉnh giá xăng dầu trong nước. (Nguồn: Báo Đầu tư)
Petrol prices plunge for third consecutive time. (Photo: Baodautu)

The retail price of E5RON92 bio-fuel dropped by 2,715 VND to a maximum of 25,073 VND (1.07 USD) per litre, while that of RON95-III was cut by 3,605 VND to 26,070 VND per litre.

Meanwhile, the prices of diesel and kerosene decreased by 1,735 VND and 1,099 VND to 24,858 VND and 25,246 VND per litre, respectively.

The two ministries also decided to use the petrol price stabilisation fund at a rate of 550 VND - 950 VND per litre.

After three times of being adjusted down, petrol prices have reduced about 6,000 VND per liter in total.

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(Source: VNA)