Mentorship model needed to reduce COVID-19 cases and fatality rate in Ha Noi

Ha Noi should apply a model of medical mentorship in treating COVID-19, taking advantage of human resources and infrastructure of different treatment layers to reduce the number of serious cases and fatalities in the capital.
Mentorship model needed to reduce COVID-19 cases and fatality rate in Ha Noi. — Photo
A mentorship model is needed to reduce COVID-19 cases and the fatality rate in Ha Noi. (Photo:

That is according to Dr Nguyen Trung Cap, Deputy Director of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, a leading hospital in COVID-19 treatment in the country.

In recent days, the capital city has reported an average of ten fatalities per day.

Ha Noi is applying a three-layer COVID-19 assessment level for treatment: asymptomatic patients, patients with light symptoms and severe cases.

About 93 per cent of COVID-19 patients in Ha Noi are asymptomatic or have light symptoms. Among those, more than 50,000 patients are being treated at home. Others are being treated at city/district-level healthcare centers.

The rising number of infections in the city has, however, resulted in more serious cases.

Dr Hoang Bui Hai, Deputy Director of the COVID-19 Treatment Hospital (Ha Noi Medical University Hospital), said 40 to 50 per cent of serious cases being treated with breathing machines face a high risk of fatality.

According to the health ministry, since April 29 when the fourth pandemic wave started, the city has confirmed 324 deaths, accounting for 0.4 per cent of infection cases.

Dr Cap said the treatment layer at the highest level of Ha Noi has high-quality doctors and equipment, but a limited number of beds. The lower levels have a high number of staff and beds, but fewer skillful doctors and equipment.

The city needs to make the best use of medical staff in the lower treatment layer and take advantage of experienced doctors and equipment at the high level, he told Tien Phong newspaper.

From two years of experience in various areas across Viet Nam, Dr Cap said, “The model of medical mentorship which has been applied successfully in other localities will help Ha Noi”.

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(Source: VNA)

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