Management, use of resettlement housing projects need improvement

The management and use of resettlement housing projects in Hanoi must be improved through the coordination of various state agencies, according to the municipal People’s Committee.
Management, use of resettlement housing projects need improvement
A resettlement housing project in Hanoi. (Photo: VNA)

Currently, there are 199 resettlement housing projects in Hanoi that were completed and put into use, with 146 buildings under the management of the Hanoi Housing Development and Management Company, 20 buildings under the Hanoi Housing Development Investment Corporation and 30 buildings under the Management Board of Housing and Office Projects.

Up to now, only 113 out of 199 resettlement apartment buildings have established management boards, with the slow handing over of maintenance funds, building related documents, community areas and equipment systems from investors to the building management boards.

Meanwhile, in many apartment buildings, management boards were established but did not take over the management and services operation, or do not outsource businesses to manage and operate the buildings.

Notably, the maintenance and repair, especially for elevators and fire prevention systems, have not met requirements, causing frustration for residents and potentially danger.

Another problem is that many areas being used for business purposes are done so illegally or are sub-leased improperly so the municipal People's Committee has had to issue many decisions of forcibly removing violators.

Faced with the above limitations and inadequacies, the Hanoi People's Committee requested the relevant offices to promptly implement necessary management solutions in accordance with the law to rectify the situation.

In particular, it is necessary to promptly settle disputes and disagreements and prevent complicated lawsuits causing public disorder.

Recently, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee Duong Duc Tuan requested the Department of Construction to co-ordinate with the Department of Finance to review, issue, amend and supplement regulations on the management and use of resettlement housing funds to ensure efficient and effective management and use.

The Director of the Construction Department was assigned to approve an economic and technical report on the maintenance and repair of six State-owned housing projects, while the director of the planning and investment department was authorised to approve the selection of contractors for maintenance and repair of State-owned buildings.

Meanwhile, the Finance Department was asked to co-operate with the construction department and relevant agencies to draw out a revenue and expenditure mechanism for the areas of business purposes in resettlement apartment buildings.

The construction department has to strengthen inspection of the management, use, and signing of contracts to purchase resettlement apartments that were approved by the municipal People's Committee.

The Committee’s leaders emphasised that in order to prevent violations, the police would investigate, prosecute and bring to court those who commit serious violations in the management and use of resettlement apartments and the service business areas in the resettlement apartment buildings.

For businesses that were assigned to manage, operate and use resettlement housing projects, the city required good performance of maintenance, repair and renovation activities to ensure the essential living needs for people, as well as urgently lease the service areas via auctions.

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(Source: VNA)