JiaWei Corporation invests 100 million USD in Nam Dinh

JiaWei Corporation, a Taiwanese company, has decided to invest 100 million USD in the My Thuan Industrial Zone in Nam Dinh province, encompassing high-tech household appliance manufacturing, support printing, and paper box production plants.

JiaWei Corporation and its subsidiary enterprises have chosen to invest approximately 100 million USD in the My Thuan Industrial Zone in Nam Dinh.

Pham Gia Tuc, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee of Nam Dinh, had a working session with JiaWei Corporation from Taiwan.

During the meeting, Ngo Le Hoa, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of JiaWei Corporation, said that after thoroughly researching the investment environment in Nam Dinh, JiaWei and its subsidiary enterprises have decided to invest in the My Thuan Industrial Zone with an expected total capital of around 100 million USD across nearly 15 hectares.

JiaWei Corporation invests $100 million in Nam Dinh
JiaWei Corporation invests 100 million USD in Nam Dinh.

The investment encompasses three projects: an 8.5-hectare high-tech household appliance manufacturing plant with an 80 million USD investment from JiaWei, a support printing plant with a 10 million USD investment from Thien Ha Company, and a paper box production plant with a 10 million USD investment from Tan Viet Hung Company.

The decision to invest in Nam Dinh demonstrates JiaWei's confidence in the local investment environment and aligns with the province's focus on sustainable development.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Nam Dinh emphasizes the importance of JiaWei Corporation's investment in producing high-quality, environmentally friendly household appliances. The investment not only enhances export capabilities but also presents opportunities to cater to the domestic market.

Nam Dinh province aims to support JiaWei Corporation's investments by reviewing and adjusting sectors related to packaging and printing, thereby facilitating the Corporation's operations and optimizing the supply chain. This approach showcases the province's commitment to fostering a favorable business ecosystem.

The partnership with JiaWei follows Quanta Corporation's investment in the My Thuan Industrial Zone, solidifying Nam Dinh's appeal as an investment destination.

The province's efficient procedures in issuing Investment Registration Certificates for Quanta Corporation's project highlight its dedication to providing a conducive investment climate and attracting top global companies.

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