Japan’s Toyama prefecture looks for investment opportunities in Binh Duong

On December 22, Nguyen Van Danh, Vice Chairman of the Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee, a magnet for foreign investment in the South, hosted a reception for a delegation from Japan’s Toyama prefecture led by Governor Nitta Hachiro.
Japan’s Toyama prefecture eyes investment opportunities in Binh Duong
Vice Chairman of the Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Danh (R) receives Governor Nitta Hachiro. (Photo: VNA)

The Governor said the delegation comprises more than 20 enterprises of Toyama which have interests in the investment environment in the southern province.

The prefecture’s authorities have conducted a survey showing that Japanese businesses are interested in investing in Vietnam, especially Binh Duong province, as Vietnam has reported rapid and sustainable economic growth, he added.

Vice Chairman Danh told the guests that Binh Duong is home to 29 large-scale industrial parks with a total area of nearly 12,700 hectares.

As of November 30, it had attracted approximately 40 billion USD with 4,082 projects from 65 nations and territories, of which Japan ranked second with a total of nearly 6 billion USD.

Binh Duong is planning to attract investment in projects with less labour and land use by utilising advanced technology and lowering environmental impacts, he said.

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(Source: VNA)