High-quality science, technology human resources key to sustainable growth: Scholars

WVR/VNA - To achieve sustainable development and help the economy take off, high-quality human resources and advancements in science and technology should be seen as key components, according to insiders.
High-quality science, technology human resources key to sustainable growth: Scholars
High-quality science, technology human resources key to sustainable growth: Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visits the display of science and technology applied products. (Photo: VNA)

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Duc - Chairman of the University Council of University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University-Hanoi, said in many industries, especially in manufacturing where the highest concentration of FDI projects are located, the rate of employed and trained workers is limited.

Dr. Tran Van Khai, a standing member of the Committee for Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly, said the development of high-quality human resources has recorded good results in recent times.

Vietnam has established policies to attract and retain talent, experts, and highly skilled workers through attractive salary, bonus, and welfare policies, he said, noting that attention has been paid to training and developing high-quality human resources.

The number of entrepreneurs and skilled workers is increasing, importantly contributing to the country's development, he added.

However, the structure of vocational training has not closely aligned with the labour market's demand, especially in emerging economic sectors. At the same time, there is a shortage of labourers in spearhead economic sectors and those serving the digital economy.

Khai stressed that it is urgent to build breakthrough policies to address existing shortcomings and limitations that are hindering the development of high-quality human resources and labour productivity.

For the semiconductor industry, the latest report from the Ministry of Planning and Investment indicates that Vietnam needs to train 50,000 - 100,000 high-quality workers for the sector from 2025 to 2030.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha, to train tens of thousands of high-quality workers in the industry, priority must be given to training and attracting high-quality teachers and lecturers with deep expertise.

Emphasising the crucial role of human resources and promoting scientific research activities in implementing the goal of strengthening national competitiveness and innovation capacity, Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat said ministries will continue to improve policies and encourage a favourable environment for scientists at universities to maximise their research capacity.

Universities should also prioritise substantial investments in improving the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as developing high-quality scientific and technological human resources, he said.

The Minister also suggested the National Foundation for Science and Technology research and direct sponsorship programmes to strongly promote outstanding research groups and develop high-level scientific and technological research human resources, especially young talent.

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