Hanoi promotes specialised farming areas

The Hanoi People’s Committee recently issued a decision regarding the planning of specialized farming areas in the city.

Accordingly, there will be 15 areas in Hanoi specializing in high-quality rice production, covering 53,360 hectares, 18 vegetable areas with 7,291 hectares, and 19 others for high-value fruit trees with 13,417 hectares.

Hanoi promotes specialised farming areas | Society | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)
Hanoi promotes specialized areas. (Photo: VNA)

Others are zoned off for the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants, high-quality tea, aquaculture, medicinal plants, animal feed, and concentrated husbandry areas.

Currently, the city is home to over 200 concentrated rice production areas, with approximately 40,000 hectares, each of them covering at least 50 hectares, some even 300 hectares.

It is striving to maintain the 200 areas of Japonica and other rice varieties, satisfying export standards, and form three to five supply chains for domestic consumption and exports.

Local authorities will approve detailed plans for the concentrated farming areas, and roll out plans and activities facilitating their development in line with regulations.

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(Source: VNA)