Hanoi exhibition celebrates Hung King’s Commemoration Day

The Hanoi Museum on April 18 organised a thematic exhibition themed "Echoes" to introduce to the public nearly 100 precious artifacts, images, and documents of Vietnam from the Hung Kings’ reign with Dong Son Culture about 2,000 years ago.
Hanoi exhibition marks Hung King’s Commemoration Day
People visit the exhibition. (Source: VNA)

The event was held on the occasion of the death anniversary of Hung Kings - the legendary nation founders, and the 100th anniversary of Dong Son Culture research in Vietnam. On this occasion, artifacts recognised as national treasures including Co Loa bronze drums were displayed.

The exhibition aimed to pay tribute to the ancestors of the Vietnamese people and the scientists who discovered Dong Son, the most brilliant culture in the national history, 100 years ago. In particular, bronze casting techniques during that period were found to reach perfection with bronze drums fully converging the scientific knowledge of the era as well as the talent and soul of the Vietnamese people.

On display is a collection of unique bronze drums kept at the Hanoi Museum, which has decoded the bronze drum casting technique and the ancestral custom of worshipping the bronze drum god - the Co Dong God in Hanoi thousands of years ago.

At the exhibition, the Co Loa bronze drum - a national treasure - was chosen as a highlight to tell the public historical stories related to the artifact.

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(Source: VNA)