Ha Long City towards green growth, the real estate market earns profits

The trend of green living harmonies with ecological environment to improve people’s health, as well as the experience of residents, will have a strong impact on the real estate market in Ha Long City, especially after the merger between this city and Hoanh Bo District and new development plan of the city until 2040.
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ha long city towards green growth the real estate market earns profits
Ha Long City aims at green development.

An open opportunity in the biggest urban city in Vietnam

The COVID-19 pandemic has a significant impact on the real estate market in early 2020. According to experts, housing real estate is expected to be a segment with promising development because of high demand in the long term. However, the trend to choose projects will have many changes.

In the context of central areas having various problems about overloaded structure and pollution, the customers tend to transfer their need to a large-scale ecological urban city with large land funds to develop its copper utilities to care and enhance the health of residents.

Following these criteria, Ha Long City, the tourism capital of Quang Ninh province is believed to be the most ideal and attractive residence in Vietnam, especially after the merger on January 12, 2020. With the land fund being expanded five times than today, Ha Long City has enough space to develop its infrastructure and residences aiming at green development with Cua Luc Bay as the connection center.

According to the city’s planning, this area has great value for natural resources with the favorable land fund, including full space of land, water, vegetation and rich mangroves of Hoanh Bo District as well as the old Ha Long City, which promises for a fresh and green living environment.

To promote its available potentials, Quang Ninh province orients the creation of “green Cua Luc Bay” through a modern chain of urban areas along the bay in order to make full use and awaken a vast land fund that has not been properly developed in Ha Khanh Street, Thong Nhat Street and Le Loi Street. Especially when Ha Long City completes the Cua Luc Bridge project and develops a number of new forestry parks in Hoanh Bo District to create an attractive and unique forest and sea tourism chain, the city is expected to be the largest green urban city in Vietnam.

In this context, real estate projects are oriented to develop similar to the general planning in Ha Long City, which focuses on ecological space and harmonies with nature and optimizing other living experiences for residents.

Stay at home in the leading marine urban city in Ha Long City

Recognizing and following the new trend of the market, real estate investors and developers have quickly seized and implemented a number of valuable projects. Particularly, the second phase of FLC Tropical City Ha Long urban city of FLC Corporation is cheering the investors thanks to its unique product systems and valuable location in Cao Xanh – Ha Khanh area, which will become a part of the central development of new Ha Long City.

With a total of 45.5 hectares stretching along Cua Luc Bay, Palm Village, and Hawaii Seaside are the two most expensive seaward subdivisions in the project.

Owning a synchronous system developed separately in each subdivision, Palm Village and Hawaii Seaside bring ideal living and resort experience, which can only be available in high-class coastal tourism places in Vietnam.

In particular, Hawaii Seaside, the heart of FLC Tropical City Ha Long, has a unique advantage thanks to its beautiful long coastline where the residents can immerse themselves in the fresh and unbounded space of mountains, rivers and seas, as well as enjoy a secluded, quiet and relaxing environment in the heart of Ha Long City’s bustling center. Hawaii Seaside, which is beautiful as a miniature resort, combines harmoniously with modern and luxury architectural design as well as a series of synchronous and convenient services.

ha long city towards green growth the real estate market earns profits
Hawaii Seaside, the heart of FLC Tropical City Ha Long urban area.

The living space of Hawaii Seaside is also focused on methodical development whilst a construction density accounts for only 27% and the rest is designed for rich green utility systems. In this place, the residents can walk on the tree-lined walking path along the river, as well as playing in the large Land – Water – Fire art square system or renewable energy for the body and mind in the outdoor sports area.

Adjacent to Hawaii Seaside, the Palm Village subdivision is located along the main route straight to Cua Luc 3 Bridge. As the name implies, Palm Village is reminiscent of tropical resort paradise for its row of straight green palms, Villago Tunel flower tunnel shaded by trees between houses, which creates valuable “breaks” for residents.

Besides, prospective owners in Hawaii Seaside and Palm Village also inherit a range of high-class utilities such as inter-school system, wharves, and berths of luxury yachts for residents and tourists to visit. The residents will completely dismiss their daily worries and anxieties to enjoy the color of peace and relaxation.

In order to meet the demand for settlement and relaxation, two new subdivisions of FLC Tropical City Ha Long are expected to bring Ha Long real estate market new quality housing products. Well-planned and designed, products in Palm Village and Hawaii Seaside are promised to bring double value while being an ideal residential and resort place as well as satisfying business and rental needs in one of the most vibrant tourist markets in Vietnam.

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