Ha Giang plans to charge fees to visit Dong Van Karst Plateau

On 31st October 2023, the People's Committee of Ha Giang province issued a Decision approving the project of charging fees to visit UNESCO Global Geopark’s Dong Van Karst Plateau.
Ha Giang plans to charge fees to visit Dong Van Karst Plateau. (Source: TITC)
Tourists are going to pay fees to visit Dong Van Karst Plateau. (Source: TITC)

Accordingly, the subjects charged the fee are tourists who come to Dong Van Karst Plateau (in Dong Van, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Quan Ba districts), for all types of tourism such as family visits, official business, entertainment, relaxation, etc.

The applicable fees are as follows: 30,000 VND/1 person/1 night stay for adult tourists; 15,000 VND/1 person/1 night stay for tourists who are veterans, people with severe disabilities and children from 6 years old to 15 years old. Fees are waived for the following subjects: Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, people with special disabilities, the elderly (over 70 years old) and children under 6 years old.

Organizations and individuals operating accommodation services in the Geopark area will directly collect fees from tourists.

The fee management unit is the People's Committees of districts, communes and towns in the Geopark area. In particular, the district level is responsible for printing, issuing tickets, organizing fee collection management, and distributing tickets to accommodation service establishments. Communes and towns are responsible for organizing fee collection and ticket issuance management.

The collected funds are shared on the following: 20% for fee collection management units, 20% for accommodation establishments and 60% is kept on State budget.

The state budget will spend on the tasks of preserving, protecting and promoting the value of the Dong Van Karst Plateau (including investment in upgrading tourism infrastructure, developing new tourism products, spending on tourism promotion activities, cleaning, environmental protection).

According to the survey, the number of tourists coming to Dong Van Karst Plateau accounts for 60-65% of Ha Giang. It is expected to grow 10%/year in the long term (20-30 year vision).

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(Source: TITC)