Enterprises given support in digital transformation: MPI and USAID

Dozens of enterprises have been supported to raise their awareness and be trained to implement digital transformation which has become an inevitable trend and an important solution for current businesses.
Enterprises given support in digital transformation
Enterprises given support in digital transformation: Experts to advise and guide to all enterprises about digital transformation. (Photo: Ministry of Planning and Investment)

Digital transformation is believed to help enterprises improve their production and business efficiency, expand markets, cut costs, and adapt to the new context of the digital economy.

The Enterprise Development Agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has carried out a project entitled 'Promoting the reformation and enhancing the connectivity of small and medium enterprises'.

It focuses on creating tools and guidelines, implementing activities to raise awareness of digital transformation and training digital transformation for enterprises in a methodical way during the period of 2021-2025.

More than 200 applications from enterprises in different fields, such as mechanical engineering, electronics, agriculture and agricultural product processing, wood processing and furniture products, were submitted to the project in September 2022.

Among them, the most suitable 50 that met the project's requirements have been selected.

Experts came to survey, evaluate, and provide in-depth advice on digital transformation at each enterprise.

In three months, the experts have, step by step, helped enterprises build up their direction and roadmap to invest in digital transformation in the next few years and also supported them during their digital transformation processes.

In a recent review by the MPI, the digital transformation roadmap package for enterprises was appreciated for its successful implementation, helping businesses determine the right direction, saving time, costs, and resources, and improving their competitiveness.

These digital transformation pioneers are expected to inspire other enterprises to be more confident and motivated, and to make use of good lessons learned to carry out their own digital transformation.

A representative of Na No Chemical Technology Co., Ltd said: "With the support of the Government, we will be able to carry out the digital transformation journey efficiently and quickly. We also hope that our journey will be closely supervised by the Government and ministries and relevant agencies to implement this long-term digital transformation roadmap successfully."

Meanwhile, a representative from Aqua Mina Co., Ltd shared: "The Government's follow-up support in consulting and training is very important for us to implement the digital transformation roadmap. We also hope that the Government will issue the necessary regulations and guidance to assist us in this transition."

According to a representative from Tien Thinh Trading Service-Production Co., Ltd, the project has not only helped to standardise production processes and corporate governance but also comprehensively changed the company's culture, opening up new ways to solve problems in organisation, production, and sales.

The manager of Lien Vinh Production and Trade Joint Stock Company said that the support of the state would help solve the problems they were facing, such as the decrease in orders, while the standards of major partners abroad are increasing.

In January 2021, the MPI issued and implemented the 'Promoting the reformation and enhancing the connectivity of small and medium enterprises' project for the 2021-2025 term.

In the early period, the project achieved positive results such as over two million visits to its website's instructional materials, training videos, and experience sharing about digital transformation. About 1,500 enterprises self-assessed to be ready for digital transformation, and over 10,000 enterprises in 40 localities were trained directly about digital transformation.

According to the Enterprise Development Agency's 2022 report, in the 1,000 surveyed enterprises, the number of enterprises doing digital transformation increased, and many maintained budgets for this activity.

In 2021, enterprises were only at the first steps of learning, researching, and consulting information to prepare for the implementation of digital transformation.

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(Source: VNA)