Eco-IP to transform Bac Ninh’s fortunes

The Hanaka group has capitalised on its geographical advantages to conceive an idea, develop a project, and submit a comprehensive report to Bac Ninh People’s Committee, seeking to act as the investor for the project.
Eco-IP to transform Bac Ninh’s fortunes
Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha, former Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung and delegates pressed the button to start construction of Gia Binh II industrial park in Bac Ninh province.

The construction of a sustainability-focused industrial park in the northern province of Bac Ninh, with Hanaka Group as the assigned investor, commenced on July 9.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Gia Binh II Industrial Park (IP), coupled with the announcement of a tech transfer cooperation contract for transmission transformer production and the signing of a construction contract, signified a significant milestone in the strategic collaboration between Hanaka Group and Takaoka Toko Corporation of Japan.

According to Hanaka chairman Man Ngoc Anh, the occasion solidifies Hanaka’s enduring commitment to current and future development and presents a favorable opportunity to attract investors to Bac Ninh province, approximately 45km southwest of Hanoi.

Eco-IP to transform Bac Ninh’s fortunes
Hanaka Group Chairman Man Ngoc Anh speaks at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Gia Binh II Industrial Park project.

The group has capitalized on its geographical advantages to conceive an idea, develop a project, and submit a comprehensive report to Bac Ninh People’s Committee, seeking to act as the investor for the project.

“This effort culminated in the approval of the investment policy for the infrastructure investment and construction project of Gia Binh II in 2021, with Hanaka serving as the implementing investor,” Anh said.

The construction project for Gia Binh II adheres to a 1/2000 scale. It aims to achieve sustainability by leveraging solar energy and wind power and implementing wastewater reuse in production processes to drive economic prosperity.

The project encompasses an eco-park model that emphasizes circular economic principles, asset conservation, and the creation of a green, clean, and aesthetically pleasing environment. Spanning 261.8 hectares, the venture will designate 250ha for the Hanaka Group.

Eco-IP to transform Bac Ninh’s fortunes
Convoy of ground leveling vehicles on constructing Gia Binh II Industrial Park.

The project will be strategically situated across the four communes of Nhan Thang, Binh Duong, Thai Bao, and Van Ninh in the district of Gia Binh.

To implement the approved construction planning adjustments in Bac Ninh province before 2035 and with a vision to 2050, the project focuses on constructing concentrated industrial areas that prioritize modern, clean industries to stimulate economic growth in the south Song Duong area and the province itself.

The centralized IP is equipped with a comprehensive technical infrastructure system, attracting potential investors and accommodating current production and business ventures. Utilizing modern, advanced technology assures a clean industry that minimizes environmental pollution.

Furthermore, the project emphasizes functional zoning and the appropriate spatial organization of landscape architecture to align with the planning objectives. Notably, the architectural design of the facilities adheres to a modern and sophisticated style suitable for industrial, administrative, and service purposes.

It also encompasses organizing green spaces, water surfaces, parking facilities, and technical infrastructure to ensure a harmonious landscape, a favorable environment, and convenient usage.

Eco-IP to transform Bac Ninh’s fortunes
The overall project of Gia Binh II Industrial Park in Bac Ninh province.

Benefiting from its strategic location in the southeastern region of Bac Ninh, Gia Binh boasts a rich historical heritage spanning thousands of years. The area benefits from well-established transportation networks and is conveniently situated just 3km from National Highway 18 and 6km from Que Vo II IP.

Furthermore, Gia Binh is renowned for its traditional craft villages, such as Dai Bai bronze casting and Dong Ho painting, which further enhance connectivity with Bac Ninh city, as well as key economic centers in the northern region like Hanoi, Hai Duong, and Quang Ninh.

Notwithstanding its relatively late inception among the 16 concentrated industrial zones in Bac Ninh province, Gia Binh II has demonstrated exceptional land clearance and compensation efficiency. Presently, 248 out of the designated 250ha have been successfully cleared, and all the necessary procedures and conditions for commencing construction have been satisfactorily fulfilled.

Eco-IP to transform Bac Ninh’s fortunes
The estimated capital for the project amounts to $167.18 million, with the investor contributing $50.76 million for its implementation.

The estimated capital for the project amounts to $167.18 million, with the investor contributing $50.76 million for its implementation. The project encompasses various essential components, including land clearance, leveling, establishing a comprehensive road network, water supply systems, communication facilities, tree planting, rainwater management, and implementing a wastewater drainage system.

The project also incorporates a centralized wastewater treatment system with a capacity of 7,000cu.m daily, consisting of two modules, each with 3,500cu.m per day. Additionally, there are two lakes within the centralized wastewater treatment system, and each corresponds to a wastewater treatment module with a capacity of 10,500cu.m.

The industrial park is designed to engage investment in various sectors, including processing, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and ICT.

The introduction of an eco-IP model in Bac Ninh represents a significant milestone. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies from developed nations, the initiative is poised to attract domestic and international investors in high-tech and environmentally friendly industries, Hanaka said.

Diagram of Gia Binh Industrial Park II.
Diagram of Gia Binh Industrial Park II.

Consequently, the project will generate numerous job opportunities, ensuring stable incomes for a substantial workforce while bolstering the local economy. Moreover, the company added that it will create a pristine, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally sustainable landscape that holds great allure for potential investors.

Throughout the implementation phase, the project has obtained the necessary approvals from the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the provincial Department of Construction, and other relevant agencies.

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