Deputy PM Le Minh Khai meets US officials, businesspeople

WVR/VNA - On April 4, Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai held separate meetings with some US officials and businesspeople following the 2024 Vietnam Executive Leadership Programme (VELP) held in Boston, the US.
Deputy PM Le Minh Khai meets US officials, businesspeople
Deputy PM Le Minh Khai meets US officials, businesspeople: At the meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai (R) and representatives of Dell Group in the US. (Photo: VNA)

The Deputy Prime Minister met with Senior Advisor to President Biden for International Climate Policy John Podesta, Head of the White House Council of Economic Advisers Jared Bernstein, and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Nisha Biswal.

He also attended a business roundtable, and hosted receptions for John Neuffer, President and CEO of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), and representatives from some US firms.

Meeting Senior Advisor to President Podesta, Deputy Prime Minister Khai affirmed that Vietnam wishes to cooperate with the US to realise Vietnam’s climate commitments within the framework of the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) and its net-zero emission target by 2050.

Senior Advisor to President Podesta pledged that the US will further support Vietnam’s climate efforts, especially in clean energy development and the transfer of renewable energy technology.

The US will also continue its financial and technological assistance to Vietnam through multilateral mechanisms, including the JETP, he continued.

At the meeting with Bernstein, the Deputy Prime Minister held that the Vietnam-US compressive strategic partnership, established in September 2023, has created more room and momentum for the two countries to enhance their cooperation in various fields, and suggested they continue implementing the partnership effectively.

Expressing his pleasure at the development of the Vietnam-US ties, especially in economy, trade and investment, Bernstein stressed that the US will facilitate the enhancement of the bilateral cooperation in the time ahead.

Receiving DFC Deputy Chief Executive Officer Biswal, the Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister said the DFC’s priorities match Vietnam’s, and suggested it maintain its support for the Southeast Asian nation in infrastructure, renewable energy, science-technology, and innovation.

Biswal said the DFC is working to expand its operation in Vietnam, as recommended by President Joe Biden, adding Vietnam is one of the leading partners of the corporation in the region and the DFC has increased its investment in the country by 10-fold to 150 million USD over the past time.

She emphasised that many cooperation projects between DFC and Vietnam have been implemented effectively, and promised to promote private investment in Vietnam.

At the roundtable, co-chaired by the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and the US-ASEAN Business Council (USABC) with the participation of nearly 30 leading US enterprises, Khai stressed that the comprehensive strategic partnership will facilitate US investment in Vietnam.

USABC President & CEO Ted Osius said US businesses are excited at the establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries. He appreciated the Vietnamese government’s management and called on Vietnam to continue improving policies and institutions to attract more US enterprises, especially those in technology, renewable energy, health care, and aviation.

Meeting Neffer, Deputy Prime Minister Khai highly valued the SIA’s efforts to boost cooperation with Vietnam in semiconductor development, saying the country is building legal corridors to facilitate collaboration in the field with other countries, including the US.

Neffer, for his part, commended the Vietnamese Government’s work to facilitate the semiconductor industry, as well as the country’s attention to high-quality personnel training and transition towards renewable energy.

He hoped that Vietnam will create more optimal conditions for the SIA’s member companies, and committed to supporting the country in the sector in the time ahead.

Representatives from such US businesses as Intel, Dell, Apple and Boeing shared the view that Vietnam is among the most potential markets in the region, saying US enterprises are increasingly interested in the country, and plan long-term operation there.

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(Source: WVR/VNA)