Conclusion 12 and the policy on great national unity

One of the key tasks in Conclusion 12 of the Politburo is to "further raise awareness and sense of responsibility during the effective implementation of the policy on great national unity", thereby "promote strength of the great national unity".

This demonstrates the Party and State’s determination to make great strides in the overseas Vietnamese affairs in response to the new development.

Đại sứ Lương Thanh Nghị, Phó Chủ nhiệm Ủy ban Nhà nước về người Việt Nam ở nước ngoài, Bộ Ngoại giao phát biểu tại Hội nghị triển khai kết luận số 12/KL-TW ngày 12/8/2021 của Bộ Chính trị về Công tác người Việt Nam ở nước ngoài trong tình hình mới, ngày 2
Ambassador Luong Thanh Nghi, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Ministry's State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese. (Photo: VNA)

Given about 5.3 million people living and working in 130 countries and territories, the Vietnamese community abroad is truly “an integral part and an important resource of the Vietnamese community,” “the overseas Vietnamese affairs need to fully reflect the tradition of great national unity” and is “the responsibility of the entire political system and of the entire people”.

These are throughout and consistent views in the Party and State’s guidelines and policies on overseas Vietnamese affairs highlighted in Resolution 36-NQ/TW and Directive 45-CT/TW of the Politburo along with other guiding documents which still remain their relevance.

With a view to concretizing the guiding spirit in the document of the 13th Party Congress on "comprehensive and stronger implementation of overseas Vietnamese affairs" and effectively implementing Resolution 36, Directive 45, on 12 August 8th 2021, the Politburo issued Conclusion No. 12-KL/TW on overseas Vietnamese affairs in response to the new development.

The Party and State’s guidelines, directions and practice have shown that overseas Vietnamese affairs consist of three major components, namely: to build mechanisms, policies and laws related to overseas Vietnamese; rally supports from overseas Vietnamese; provide supports to overseas Vietnamese. Awareness and responsibility in the implementation of the policy on great national unity should be reflected across all these three pillars.

Developing policies and laws

In implementing Resolution 36 and Directive 45, Conclusion 12 continues to set the goal of “completing the legal system, reforming administrative procedures and implementing synchronously policies related to human resources”. It is necessary to highlight the role of policy and legal building: a basic legal framework for overseas Vietnamese is the legal foundation for implementing solutions to rally support from and provide support to overseas Vietnamese, and at the same time safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. This provides a foundation to help enhance responsibility in the formulation of policies and laws.

Ministries, agencies and organizations at the central level, along with local agencies and Vietnamese representative missions abroad assume the responsibility to identify and promptly make recommendations on how to address difficulties and issues related to mechanisms and policies for overseas Vietnamese so as to propose appropriate policy and legal recommendations.

The issue of nationality is an example: It can be said that having Vietnamese nationality is not only a legal issue, but for many, this is also an emotional issue with sacred significance attached to the homeland and a legitimate aspiration of our compatriots abroad. To address this issue, Conclusion 12 clearly states the task to “Resolve legitimate needs of overseas Vietnamese related to nationality in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, the law of Viet Nam and the guidance of the Resolution No 36”.

The Conclusion also sets out the task of completing the mechanism to receive, respond to and welcome contributions from overseas businessmen, experts and intellectuals. This shows the aspiration to listen to feedbacks from overseas Vietnamese to improve the effectiveness of policy and law formulation, thereby enhancing their spirit of solidarity and attachment with the country.

On October 23, for the first time, the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) held a website launching ceremony and initiated a program on a “Comprehensive survey of opinions of Vietnamese residing abroad on relevant laws and administrative procedures”. This is a very important event, showing the determination to implement guidelines in a substantive and effective way, and at the same time, further completing policies and laws related to human resources.

Conclusion 12.
Conclusion No. 12-KL/TW proposes 6 groups of tasks and solutions for the work related to overseas Vietnamese in the new situation.

Rallying supports from overseas Vietnamese

The mobilization of supports from overseas Vietnamese aims to stimulate their attachment to the homeland and the desire to contribute to national development. This includes not only to address issues left behind by history, inspire individuals who still hold prejudices but also to attract resources from overseas, organize activities to support the homeland; provide information about the country and reward and honor overseas Vietnamese with meritorious services and achievements. This provides a basis for overseas Vietnamese to gain proper understanding about the course of national development, arouse their feelings of attachment, thereby encouraging them to take actions in accordance with the interests of the nation.

It can be seen that mobilizing resources from overseas Vietnamese is of great significance, contributing to the realization of Viet Nam's development vision. In order to attract resources and encourage overseas Vietnamese to make more contributions towards their homeland, Conclusion 12 has proposed numerous sets of tasks to rally support, provide information and promptly honor and encourage overseas Vietnamese.

During the execution of these tasks, relevant agencies and organizations need to be aware of the role of overseas resources in the national development. It is necessary to thoroughly understand the view "all Vietnamese people, regardless of ethnicity, religion, social status, origin or reason for going abroad, if they wish to contribute to the realization of wealthy people, strong country, just, democratic and advanced society are all gathered in the great national unity bloc. This is the basis to strengthen the sense of responsibility in mobilizing support from overseas Vietnamese.

At the same time, overseas Vietnamese need to be aware of the importance of the policy on great national unity, as well as their role and responsibility in the development of the homeland and the country. Although there may remain differences in perception and opinion, as long as they do not go against the national interests, they will act together and strive for common goals and values that are consistent with the national interests, they are present in the great national unity bloc.

Support to overseas Vietnamese

The support to overseas Vietnamese is aimed at helping them to stabilize their lives, work, live and integrate into the host society. This includes not only to support the legal status of overseas Vietnamese and citizen protection, but also to safeguard their legitimate interests at home and abroad; support them to preserve their cultural identity, maintain and promote Vietnamese language teaching and learning, and support overseas Vietnamese associations.

To date, the majority of overseas Vietnamese have obtained stable legal status, made deep integration into the host society, and become increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining national cultural identity and language for the existence and development of the community. However, overseas Vietnamese in some places still meet difficulties in residing and have not obtained clear legal status. Activities to maintain the national culture and language remain inadequate, facing the risk of national language and culture declining... among young generation of overseas Vietnamese.

Conclusion 12 has set out various groups of tasks, including how to strengthen coordination with competent authorities of the host country, implement comprehensive measures to support overseas Vietnamese, especially in areas where there remain outstanding issues; how to thoroughly prevent and handle crimes in the Vietnamese community; enhance cooperation with the host country, promote the introduction of Vietnamese language teaching at educational institutions in places with a large number of overseas Vietnamese, and at the same time work on the establishment of Vietnamese cultural centers and indicate a day to honor Vietnamese language to encourage overseas Vietnamese, especially the younger generation, to study and preserve the national culture and language.

It can be seen the policy on great national solidarity is reflected throughout the agendas of the overseas Vietnamese affairs, and at the same time shows the reciprocity in which the Party and State and the overseas community both play their important roles in promoting the spirit of great solidarity, creating the overall strength to help realize successfully the aspirations in national development.

Raising awareness and sense of responsibility in all aspects of overseas Vietnamese affairs is of great significance in promoting the strength of the great national unity bloc in response to the new development.

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